What is Silicone Grease?

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Silicone grease is a product made from silicone oil and a thickening agent, such as fumed silica. This produces a waterproof lubricant used in a number of industrial products that contain rubber. When used on other surfaces, it often helps prevent them from rusting or corroding. It is normally in the form of a clear or light-colored paste, and can be applied by using a grease gun in most instances.

A clear oil formed from organic compounds is sometimes known as silicone oil. This substance is normally combined with another material such as fumed silica, a type of thickener, in order to create silicone grease. The reason for doing this is because silicone oil is normally very runny and may not stick to some surfaces easily. Adding a thickening agent allows the product to be used for a number of different applications that silicone oil alone may not be suitable for.

The result is a translucent or pale white lubricant that may have a pasty texture. It is typically thick enough to stick to surfaces without running off quickly. Even so, it is not normally too thick to pass through a grease gun, and is normally applied in this manner. It could also be administered with a cloth or rag to larger areas.


Silicone grease is often used to lubricate rubber parts. It is desirable because it does not contain chemicals which, over time, will cause the rubber to break down or become weak. The grease may also keep these parts from swelling when heat is applied to them.

In addition to keeping rubber moist, silicone grease can also be ideal for preventing metals, such as aluminum or steel, from corroding. For this reason, it may be applied to machines that have metal parts that grind against each other. When used in this manner, it can also keep rust from forming on these surfaces.

Some common household items that might contain silicone grease include flashlights, light bulbs, and fountain pens. This substance is normally added at the factory when they are manufactured. Other times, homeowners might apply to to common household metal items, such as shower heads or door hinges, when repairs are necessary.


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