What is Silicea?

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

A variety of herbal remedies are available for enhancing aesthetic beauty. Silicea is a homeopathic medicine used to help improve the condition of hair, skin, and nails. It is also believed by many people to have other healthful uses.

Silicea are hebal remedies for enhancing beauty and are often used for the skin, hair, and nails.
Silicea are hebal remedies for enhancing beauty and are often used for the skin, hair, and nails.

Derived from flint or quartz, silicea is an abundant mineral naturally found in the Earth's crust. Part of the structural makeup of bone and cartilage, the remedy is present in humans as a trace element. It can be found in connective tissues as well as hair, skin, and nails.

Some people use silicea in an effort to reduce dandruff.
Some people use silicea in an effort to reduce dandruff.

People who use this mineral believe that its cleansing effects make it particularly useful in treating dry skin, nails, or hair. This mineral is sometimes used to improve acne, blemishes, ulcers, boils, inflammation, or generally sickly skin. Infections from abscesses, skin eruptions, glass shards, and splinters may also be treated with it. Some people also use it in hopes of preventing hair loss and dandruff, and to reduce scar tissue visibility.

Silicea gel can soothe razor burns from shaving.
Silicea gel can soothe razor burns from shaving.

It's also sometimes used to heal general body weakness and anemia, and some people have used it to help with menstrual cycle issues. This natural remedy may aid digestion, and homeopaths say that it can help the body use nutrients once food has been consumed. The mineral may also be used for constipation.

Silicea is purported to help treat vertigo and headaches.
Silicea is purported to help treat vertigo and headaches.

Silicea is usually prescribed for conditions that have progressed slowly over a lengthy period of time, and homeopathic practitioners often advise people with chronic conditions to use it. It is sometimes used to treat the flu, the common cold, and other seasonal health problems. Other ailments the remedy is said to help with include irritability, vertigo, back pain, fatigue, nerve damage, headaches, tremors, and paralysis.

Homeopaths look for certain traits in patients before prescribing a remedy. With silicea, the patient is usually suffering from confusion, overwork, weakness, sensitivity, lack of direction, and fear. The mineral remedy is said to alleviate these problems, providing structure and clarity. Homeopathic doctors claim it has the power to stabilize and restore the human body to homeostasis.

It has been suggested that people who are susceptible to infections may be able to benefit the most from this homeopathic cure. Unlike many herbal remedies, it is considered beneficial to children as well, though a medical professional should be consulted prior to use with any herbal remedy. Gel made from the mineral can help soothe razor burns from shaving. The liquid form of the remedy is considered the most popular, although it is also available in capsule form and powder extract.

Silicea may be used to treat constipation.
Silicea may be used to treat constipation.
Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

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I've been seeing a natural health practitioner for years. My nails were starting to become brittle, and skin is acne prone. She recommended Silicea 6DH. It's been three months, my skin is doing much better, nails are not brittle and have become brighter looking, also my hair grows very fast now. I take four tablets in the morning and evening and let them melt underneath my tongue.


I purchased mine at Sprouts Market, but have found it at Whole Foods and Central Market as well. Look for the homeopathic display in the supplements aisle. Mine came in a narrow white tube with a blue label. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly as labeled. I used it to treat a painful large boil in the past, and it completely cleared in just three days.


Where on earth can I buy this? It helped me with sinus headaches but I cannot purchase it from my usual shops anymore.


I got a pack of silicea tablets from my mother, who's worried even more than I am about my acne and hair problems. I take one tablet a day. Is this okay? Silicea causes seizures?


I have epilepsy and have found that silica can actually stimulate seizures. Do not use this product.


How do you know how much to take? My child has epilepsy and it is not completely controllable via medication. I was told that silicea might help. How do you figure out the amount to take for a child of 70lbs.


@anon143381 - Taking silicea is not recommended while breastfeeding or pregnant. Even though silicea helps with calcium absorption and provides other nutrients that a woman might lack after having a baby, too much silicea could be toxic. It's best to get silicea naturally through foods like oats, rice, barley, and leafy green vegetables.

Hope this answers your question!


can you take silicea while breastfeeding?

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