What Is Shower Oil?

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Shower oil is one of many beauty products offering an in-shower solution to softer, fragrant skin. Combinations of oils and other products can create many results as preferred by the user, from soft skin to a smoother shave to a favorite scent. Other shower products may consist of shower oils to get similar results, secondary to cleaning the skin. Homemade varieties can be tried for ultimate control of ingredients. A product’s instructions should be studied, as application may be most beneficial either before or after the shower, depending on the recommendations of the producer.

Contents vary widely among the various types of shower oil. Some contain almond oil to smooth skin, grape seed to hydrate, and rosemary to soothe. Others include ingredients similar to soap, so that a lather can be worked up and even used for shaving. Many types of moisturizing body wash on the market contain oils to achieve similar results.

Varieties of shower oil can be found by numerous retailers online or among skin-care products at a beauty supply store. People with sensitivities to specific ingredients should carefully read the contents list of chosen products to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction. Others may want to try to rub a small portion into an inconspicuous spot on the body, then wait and watch for a reaction before using on the rest of the body.

Sometimes people suffer from dry skin, especially during cold winter months. Shower oil adds oils and moisture back into the skin, providing a soft, more natural result. Individuals with oily skin, however, may find the skin with an excess of oils and should not use this product.

Some individuals prefer to make homemade shower oil. Recipes are plentiful on the Internet, but the basic ingredients are oils such as jojoba, macadamia, and wheat germ, plus essential oils to achieve desired scent. For example, concoctions may be tailored with lavender to achieve relaxation, or citrus or mint to rejuvenate. The oils should be kept fresh for best results.

Application of shower oil varies, and instructions should be carefully examined. Some products direct the user to rub the oil in after the shower, giving it a few moments to sink in, then toweling it off. Others recommend application before the shower begins, and then following the normal cleansing routine. Others may instruct to add the oil to bathwater for the best absorption results. The skin shouldn’t be shiny or wet-looking when used properly.

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Post 2

I have some custom shower oil. It's grapeseed oil with lavender extract. I had it made up at a local health food store, which is what I'd recommend if you want to go that route.

Most people tolerate grapeseed oil very well, even if they have sensitive skin, but you can usually try various kinds of oils if your health food store has a good beauty aisle. You can see what works for you. I have very sensitive skin and have to be careful what I use, but grapeseed oil has always worked very well for me. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy.

Post 1

I don't usually use shower oil because it tends to make the bottom of the bathtub slippery. I have dry, sensitive skin and I like a shower soap with collodial oatmeal. It's really good stuff.

After my shower, while my pores are still open from the warm water, I really slather on the body lotion, which goes a long, long way toward moisturizing my skin. Shower oil smells good, and I like it, but I'm usually very careful to put it only on the washcloth. I've had some near misses in the tub, and I don't want the bottom to be slick with oil.

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