What Is Shag Carpet?

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Shag carpets are a style of fiber based carpeting that feature piles that are somewhat less dense and are composed of longer individual strands than those found in other carpet designs. Developed as a deep pile style of carpet during the middle of the 20th century, shag carpets and rugs were considered to be essential components of contemporary decorating schemes in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. While many people think of the shag rug as a relic of the past, the fact is that long yarn carpet designs are alive and well in the 21st century.

There are two characteristics that make shag carpet stand out from other types of carpet and rug designs. The first is the length and configuration of the individual carpet yarns that are used in the design. Along with being longer sections of yarn, the fiber is also twisted in a loose design, rather than the tight design that is used with short loop carpeting techniques. The relaxed twist is combined with a pattern that space the individual yard strands further apart than in a conventional weave. As a result, the look of a shag rug is somewhat like that of a section of grass that allows the blades or strands to lay in a variety of different directions.


While there is no doubt that shag carpet does not enjoy the same level of popularity of a few decades ago, the carpet style remains sufficiently popular to be offered by a number of major carpet producers. Consumers may see samples of shag rugs in many home stores, as well as order directly from a number of producers using online sites. Prices for shag rugs tend to run in the same range as any good quality of carpeting.

Today, shag carpet is offered in three distinct types. A consumer may opt for long shag, short shag, and mini shag. The long shag is similar in length to the shag rug many people remember from the 1960’s, while short shag follows the same design, but roughly half the length. Mini shag is only slightly longer than a standard pile. Generally, the shag carpet of today is offered in solid colors, as opposed to the multicolored designs of times past.


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Could you please post this article to Wikipedia? As written, it is a definitive definition of the shag carpet of the late 60s. Thank you.

As an aside, anyone who had this in their home will know that you will never walk barefoot again - anywhere. If you ever had a real Xmas tree in a home with shag carpet, just know that ornament hooks and dead pine needles are your present and, wait for it, your future. (!)

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