What is Severe Indigestion?

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Severe indigestion occurs when normal indigestion symptoms become very intense. Commonly, when indigestion is severe, all of the normal symptoms are greatly amplified. The cause of severe or very intense indigestion can vary, although, it often has much to do with foods an individuals eats. Symptoms of this kind of indigestion can become very pressing and may cause someone to feel as if he or she is having a serious health crisis such as an heart attack. Commonly, antacids and adjusting one's diet can greatly curb the onset of severe indigestion.

There can be a multitude of causes of severe indigestion. Eating too much food in one setting and eating too quickly are some of the most frequent causes. Often, the types of foods eaten can play a big part in indigestion as well. For instance, excessively greasy foods are common contributors to this condition. In the same manner, foods that are overly spicy can also cause the problem.

Severe indigestion may also be caused by caffeinated drinks in addition to alcoholic beverages and various carbonated drinks. It may also be caused by certain health conditions. For example, individuals with gallbladder problems, stomach conditions such as gastritis and peptic ulcers and individuals with conditions of the pancreas commonly get very bad indigestion. Emotional problems may also lead to nervous indigestion. For instance, anxiety and indigestion as well as stress and indigestion commonly occur together.


Excessive bloating, extreme fullness and frequent belching are some additional common severe indigestion symptoms. Other symptoms may include nausea and sometimes pain, particularly in the top portion of the person's stomach and chest. Some people may also have back pain, in fact indigestion and back pain often occur simultaneously. In most cases of indigestion, these symptoms are not long lasting, however when the indigestion is severe, all of the normal symptoms may be extremely exaggerated. As a result, the person will generally be much more uncomfortable and symptomatic than usual.

An individual with severe indigestion should be seen by a doctor. Indigestion is generally regarded as a benign condition, however, a severe case can mimic a much more serious problem. For instance, there have been incidences were symptoms of indigestion mimic those of a myocardial infarction or heart attack. In addition, ongoing indigestion can also be a sign of a more serious problem of the digestion tract.

Doctors may perform several different medical tests to diagnose this condition. Commonly, doctors use blood tests, ultrasounds on the abdomen and X-rays to reach a diagnosis. To treat this type of indigestion, doctors may prescribe several different medicines to alleviate what may be very severe symptoms. In addition, personal habits such as overeating, eating too fast and consuming triggering foods may also be helpful in treating severe or extreme indigestion.


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