What is Sermorelin?

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Sermorelin is a synthetic version of the substance produced in the human body that triggers the release of growth hormones from the pituitary gland. Human growth hormones are essential for children to grow properly, and are potentially beneficial for adults as well. Sermorelin itself is comprised of 29 amino acids, and serves to replace 44 amino acid Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH) polypeptides in the body that normally trigger growth hormone release. Treatments to stimulate these hormones are used in children found to have deficiencies in natural GHRH, and are sought out by people who seek to slow down or reverse the aging process.

Like most other human growth hormones, Sermorelin enables the body to produce new muscle cells, so it can be used as a strength booster. It also causes a decline in fat within the human body. This is a desirable trait, as reducing fat usually has health as well as physiological benefits. In addition to improving the muscle to fat ratio in the body, the GHRH also makes the heart and immune system stronger. This in turn allows wounds, including those from surgery, to heal much quicker, and also allows people to sleep better.


On a metabolic level, sermorelin enables the body to better retain calcium, which is beneficial for bone production and strengthening. It improves bone density as well, an issue that is common for older individuals. The metabolic benefits are important for maintaining healthy bone structure as a person gets older, but human growth hormones can also stimulate the processing of protein and aid in the growth and healing of internal organs. Neither growth hormone secretion or replacement has yet been found to trigger growth in the brain, but other internal organs benefit from the presence of these hormones.

There are a variety of benefits and side effects to consider before starting sermorelin treatment, so a doctor should be consulted. Some people have allergies to it, and should be careful if they have any food, preservative, or animal allergies. For pregnant or breast feeding women, taking growth hormones is not advised, even though no sufficient studies have identified what the risks could be. Sermorelin can also interact with other medications and can do so significantly with alcohol or tobacco, so users of either should avoid sermorelin. A variety of medical issues, such thyroid problems, can lead to unpredictable outcomes with the use of this substance, so it is important to seek professional medical advice before taking sermorelin.


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