What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is the process of promoting a website through Internet search engines. The goal of search engine marketing is to increase the amount of traffic to a particular website by raising its visibility on search engine result pages. There are a variety of ways that a company can implement search engine marketing. There are opportunities for paid placements, context advertising and paid inclusion. The most common form of search engine marketing is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is the process of writing and editing the content of a website so that the website will receive more visitors and to ensure that the visitors to the website will be potential customers. The content of the websites as well as the HTML coding of the website are edited.

The importance of using the proper keywords when optimizing a website cannot be overemphasized. Marketing professionals that have experience with search engine optimization will determine keywords that are both relevant to your website and include commonly searched terms.

Paid placement is the process of buying advertisements on search engine result pages. These advertisements are not included in the search engine results. Depending on the search engine website, the paid placement advertisements may be listed along one side of the results page or at the top of the results page.

Contextual advertising allows your advertising to appear in a pop-up in the text of a page. These types of advertisements are popular on many forums or bulletin boards. The key to having an effective contextual advertising campaign is with the proper selection of keywords. We have all seen irrelevant websites attached to certain words, and the result is annoying, and not likely to make us visit the website.

Paid inclusion is a form of search engine marketing which allows a company to purchase placement on a website for their advertisement. This type of search engine marketing closely resembles more traditional advertising methods. Again, for this to be an effective choice, it is important that your advertisement appear in front of potential customers.

One form of search engine marketing that you should stay away from is black-hat search engine optimization. Black-hat SEO uses tactics such as keyword stuffing to bring your website to the top of the results page. Keyword stuffing is the process of loading your page with a list of popular keywords that are irrelevant to your website. While this process may temporarily raise your website in the results page, long term results are poor. Search engines frown upon the practice, and are constantly removing, and often black-balling, websites that use this practice.

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@backdraft Search engines have been blending sponsored results with organic results more and more.

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I work for a dedicated search engine marketing agency and we have never been busier. We opened two years ago and things were pretty slow but now we have more work than we can handle. We have recently expanded into social media marketing as well and that has done wonders for our business.

We are well positioned because companies know that they need to have a social media presence but most of them don't know how to do it successfully. We put together a detailed plan and can point to a proven track record. We make it easy for companies to see that they need the help we can provide.

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I drives me nuts when search engines include PPC search engine marketing ads in the list of results but try to keep the fact that they are ads concealed. I have clicked on so many sites that I thought were the most relevant to my query only to find out that they paid to be there. It is usually obvious because they are trying to sell you something.
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You know how they talk about industries that never existed before that suddenly make huge amounts of money like bottled water or cable TV? Well search engine marketing is one of them. This didn't exist at all just 10 years ago and now it is a huge market. Some experts believe that search engine optimization marketing is the most effective kind of marketing an advertiser can buy.

I have been involved with paid search engine marketing in an abstract way for a few years now. One of the biggest tasks of this kind of marketing is to get your company or product to be in the top of the search results. You can accomplish this by loading your site up with targeted keywords. I write articles filled with assigned keywords to help companies improve their search engine rankings. It is not thrilling work but the money is good and the demand is huge.

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