What Is Sea Salt Ice Cream?

B. Chisholm

Sea salt ice cream is ice cream flavored with salt. While there are some commercial versions available, it is not always an easy flavor to find, so making it at home may be the best option. The flavor was made popular after a video game, Kingdom Hearts II, featured its main characters eating sea salt ice cream lollies after many of the levels were completed. The ice cream combines a slightly salty taste with the sweetness of ice cream.

Sea salt ice cream can be made at home with common ingredients such as sea salt, eggs, sugar and milk.
Sea salt ice cream can be made at home with common ingredients such as sea salt, eggs, sugar and milk.

There are many variations on the recipe for sea salt ice cream, as with any ice cream recipe. The method used depends on whether it is being made with an ice cream maker, or from scratch. Most recipes include eggs, sugar, milk, cream and of course salt. The simpler, less creamy versions, may leave out the eggs, making the ice cream slightly less custard-like.

The basic recipe involves whisking the eggs well with the sugar, until the mixture is a creamy consistency. Using a wooden spoon to stir it and prevent the bottom from burning, the milk should be heated in a pot over medium heat. It should be brought up to just before boiling temperature. The egg and sugar mixture should be added to the hot milk slowly, while stirring.

It is important that the milk does not boil. If it begins to do so, the heat should be turned down. The mixture is stirred constantly until it thickens slightly, to the consistency of custard and is then removed from the stove and cooled. Once cool, cream and vanilla essence is added. If fresh vanilla is used, the pods may be added during the cooking process, and then removed.

At this point the most important step in making sea salt ice cream is taken - the adding of the salt. This should be done by taste, as different salts have different strengths and tastes. In the video game, the ice cream is colored a blue-green color. If the color is desired, blue, green or a combination of the two food colorants may be added at this stage and well mixed in.

The sea salt ice cream can now be completed in an ice cream maker, frozen into ice lollies or placed in a cake tin or dish to freeze in the freezer. Variations of the recipe include the use of skim milk, and less cream, for a less calorie-filled option. Whichever recipe is used, sea salt ice cream provides a surprising taste sensation.

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