What is Screen Mesh?

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Screen mesh is a loosely woven mesh used to create screen doors, window screens, and mesh enclosures for camping and other purposes. In many cases, the screen mesh is composed of artificial fibers that are both durable and resistant to rust. However, it is possible to purchase screen mesh that is made of lightweight metal wiring.

There are several different types of screen mesh in common use today. For the most part, the differences have to do with the strength and the weave of the mesh itself. Depending on the intended purpose for the mesh, the product may use thicker segments of wiring or fibers, or use additional fibers to achieve a tighter weave.

One common type of screen mesh today is known as standard fiberglass mesh. This type is often used today as a means of enclosing a porch or patio area, as well as for window and door screens. Fiberglass mesh has largely replaced the traditional wire mesh for these types of applications, since the material is easier to maintain but still provides the same level of durability. Repair kits and replacement rolls are commonly sold at hardware and home supply stores.


Another type of screen mesh is known as privacy screening. This type of mesh is usually laminated and has a slightly tighter weave than the standard fiberglass products. Mesh of this type is ideal for areas where there is a need to prevent entry by smaller insects or smaller types of airborne contaminants that can seep through the traditional screening.

Pet mesh screening is a must in any home where dogs and cats are present. This type of mesh is highly durable, and is able to hold up well from efforts by pets to claw their way through a door or window screen. Many brands of pet screening are up to seven times stronger than the standard fiberglass mesh. Some brands are made with stainless steel screen mesh, but it is also possible to purchase pet screening that is made from other types of materials as well.

The basic idea behind screen mesh is to allow air to flow freely between the interior and exterior of the home. At the same time, the mesh should be woven tightly enough to protect the inhabitants of the home from biting insects and also provide a degree of security. Choosing the right type of mesh depends a great deal on the intended application, and the conditions under which the screen mesh doors and window screens will function. Often, retailers who sell mesh screening can help homeowners determine the best type for their individual situations.


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