What is Scrapbook Cardstock?

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Scrapbook cardstock is widely known for its versatility in paper crafting. Cardstock paper is thicker than regular writing and printing paper, making them sturdier and easier to work with. A craft made with good quality cardstock gives it a nice, distinct look.

Cardstock can be bought by the single sheet or in stacks of paper arranged by color or theme. They can be solid colors or have patterns and come in various sizes. Certain types of scrapbook cardstock are manufactured with adhesive on the back of the paper.

Scrapbook cardstock comes in an array of colors made by various companies throughout the world. Cardstock can be bought in local scrapbook stores, the craft sections in other stores and through home parties owned by independent scrapbooking companies. Independent scrapbooking companies tend to sell their own line of cardstock. Scrapbook cardstock can be found with a smooth or glossy finish. It can have a metallic or textured surface. Cardstock that is textured can have a bumpy or rigid appearance.

Not all cardstock is created equally. A higher quality of cardstock will have a thicker and denser feeling to it, being heavier in weight. High quality cardstock tends to cost more; however, cost usually isn't a big issue to someone making a gift for a loved one or preserving a lifelong memory.


Buying good quality cardstock can be beneficial to a paper crafter when trying different crafting techniques. A paper that is heavier will not crease or tear as easily when being worked with. The edges of the paper can be torn, then inked or stamped, giving it a distressed look. Inks, glues, and glitters can be applied with a heat gun, giving it an embossed look.

Scrapbook cardstock can also be used to cut die cuts in various shapes, sizes and fonts using a die cut machine. All cardstock should be labeled "acid free" when using with photographs. This not only protects the project being made, but it further helps in the preservation of the photographs used.

Scrapbook cardstock is popular for its use in card making. It is a durable paper, making it easy to be scored and folded. Cards are then stamped on or embellished and decorated according to the paper crafter’s taste. Envelopes can also be made with cardstock to color coordinate with the card.

Scrapbook cardstock is popular for its use as the background of a scrapbook layout. A piece of cardstock is laid down, and the layout is then designed by adding picture mats created with cardstock or patterned paper, various pictures, and other embellishments. Cardstock can also be layered on a scrapbook layout, giving it a different dimensional look.

Numerous paper crafts can be made using scrapbook cardstock. Certain projects, such as exploding box albums, require the use of only cardstock. Other projects are made with the cardstock being an embellishment, adding some color and making the project attractive.

The use of cardstock when working on a project can be very versatile. All a person needs is a few sheets of scrapbook cardstock and a creative imagination.


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Post 2

Some of the most beautiful cards I receive are those that are hand made on cardstock paper. Many of the supplies that are used by people who love to scrapbook are also used to stamp and make their own cards.

Not only do I enjoy receiving these cards, but I love to make them as well. I especially enjoy using the unique scrapbook embellishments when creating cards - they just add that special touch.

Whenever you give or receive a card that has been hand made, you know that special time and effort has gone in to it, and that makes it very special.

Post 1

I use my scrapbook cardstock for many craft projects in addition to scrapbooking. I also like to stamp and use it for making my own cards. There are just about as many card making supplies available at craft stores as there are scrapbooking supplies, and I have to be careful that I budget realistically!

One of the most relaxing things I enjoy doing is sitting down and working with my photos or making a special card to send to someone. There are so many beautiful cardstock colors and designs, and I always have an abundant supply on hand.

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