What Is Science Museum Oklahoma?

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Science Museum Oklahoma is a large facility in Oklahoma City that is known for its hands-on, interactive exhibits. Formerly known as Omniplex, the museum consists of several buildings and exhibit areas. Science Museum Oklahoma is located adjacent to the Oklahoma City Zoo, making the area a popular stop for families looking for fun and educational attractions.

In 1958, the Kirkpatrick family of Oklahoma City provided funding for a planetarium at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. By 1967, the popularity of the planetarium led to the creation of an adjacent science museum. In 1978, the exhibits and artifacts in these two structures were moved to downtown Oklahoma City, where they remain today. Since that time, the facility has grown tremendously, with many new exhibit areas to complement the original displays.

At Science Museum Oklahoma, guests can explore a wide variety of exhibit areas. The Kirkpatrick Planetarium is housed within a separate space, where visitors can explore the wonders of the night sky and take part in special presentations. At the Dome Theater, visitors view movies and films on a mega-sized screen that stretches along the walls and ceiling of the building. The International Gymnastics Hall of Fame is located in a dedicated space within the museum, and is home to special equipment, medals, and exhibits celebrating the history of gymnastics. Children can also participate in the sport using a special gymnastics-oriented playroom full of climbing equipment and other fun activities.


Outside of the Science Museum Oklahoma grounds, visitors can explore the Kirkpatrick Gardens and Greenhouse. The grounds are also home to an Air and Space Museum, which was part of the original Science Museum Oklahoma. It features artifacts and exhibits related to aviation and space exploration, including components of space vessels and historic planes. Other exhibits explore various fields of science, transportation, and technology. For young children, the gadget trees at the museum feature the world's largest spiral slide along with plenty of other climbing and play equipment.

All visitors to Science Museum Oklahoma must purchase a ticket, and family memberships are also available. The museum is open seven days per week, and guests can find special classes or events designed to teach kids about science in an entertaining manner. Science Museum Oklahoma also offers a wide variety of school programs for students from Oklahoma and the surrounding area, as well as online learning programs that anyone can access. Families may wish to combine a visit to the museum with a a trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo, which is within walking distance.


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