What Is Scented Nail Polish?

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Scented nail polish is nail polish that has an altered or added scent that typically corresponds to the color of the polish. This is not necessarily true for all scented nail polish, but usually the polish is available in very bright, vibrant colors and has a fruit fragrance. For instance, a blue nail polish might be scented like blueberries, while a purple is more likely to have a grape scent. Often, the fragrance smells more like fruit flavored candy than real fruit, and many brands take advantage of this, marketing the nail polish as candy scented. Some candy companies even develop their own lines of nail polish scented to smell like their candy products.

Most of the brands that offer a line of scented nail polish generally have a set of various colors, including more common colors such as pink and purple but also sometimes ranging to green, blue, and other more unusual colors. There is not a very large number of brands that offer scented nail polish, however, so some customers who wish to purchase the product may find it necessary to order it online or spend some time searching for a store that carries scented polishes. Unlike most unusual versions of everyday products, scented polish is typically not very much more expensive, if it is more expensive at all, than a bottle of normal nail polish, and is often available in packs of different colors and scents.


Frequently, scented nail polish is targeted toward girls and young women, with bright, fun colors, candy or fruit scents, and often the inclusion of sparkles, glitter, or shimmery effects in the polish. Many grown women enjoy using these scented polishes as well, but others feel that the concept is too childish. Scented polishes targeted at more sophisticated audiences generally have more muted, soft colors and contain fragrances that resemble popular cocktails or nice perfumes, although these polishes are likely to be more expensive and harder to find.

The most common complaints about scented polishes appear very similar to issues found with any regular polish. For instance, some users find certain brands have very watery formulas that require two or three layers during application to achieve an opaque look. Issues that specifically apply to scented nail polish are often a matter of personal preference, such as when a customer finds the fragrance either too strong, not strong enough, or not as advertised. It is often noted that some brands have a fragrance that lasts for several days until the nail polish chips and needs to be removed or re-applied, while with others, the fragrance wears off after a day or so of wear.


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Post 3

@raynbow- If you are concerned with scented nail polishes overwhelming your perfume, you should go with those that are scented like fruit. I find that sweet, fruity smelling nail polishes compliment the scent of perfumes and body sprays.

Some of my favorite fruit-scented nail polishes smell like berries, tropical fruit, and apples. These sweet scents seem to stand on their own, and aren't offensive when combined with perfumes.

Post 2

@raynbow- I have several bottles of scented nail polishes, and I don't find the scents to be overwhelming. They are actually quite subtle and nice, so I don't think they are strong enough to clash with my perfume. I guess some brands may be stronger, though.

I think your best bet is to give any scented nail polishes that you plan to purchase a whiff before you buy them. When I smell mine, the scent is very pleasant, and not harsh or very lingering. If the polishes that you smell seem to be like this, I don't think that you will have any problems with them affecting the way your perfume smells.

Post 1

Is there really a risk of the aroma of scented nail polish being too strong? It doesn't seem like it would linger very long or be too overpowering. I like the idea of scented nail polish, but I don't want it to interfere with my favorite perfumes.

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