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Santyl® is an ointment commonly prescribed for use with skin conditions such as burns or ulcers. Though it has been found to be quite effective, patients who use Santyl® may experience numerous side effects. Some of these include skin irritation or the development of an allergic reaction. Patients who experience severe side effects should seek medical assistance as soon as possible. When applying the medication, patients and caregiver should be sure to avoid touching the cream with bare hands, should use care when applying it to the face, and should not use Santyl® in conjunction with creams rich in heavy metals.

Those suffering from burns or ulcers of the skin will often be treated with Santyl®. Though it is available in oral medications, it is most commonly used in ointment form. According to research by medical governing bodies, Santyl® works by clearing the patient's wound of infected or dead tissue, and therefore effectively allows healthy tissue to grow in its place. Typically, this medication requires a doctor's prescription.


Though Santyl® has been found to be very successful in the treatment of burns or skin ulcers, side effects of the medication can be serious. One of the most common side effects of use includes redness and temporary itching or irritation on the skin around the burn or ulcer. In more serious cases, patients who have been prescribed the drug may develop symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as difficulty breathing; a rash that increases in severity; or swelling of the tongue, throat, or face. Individuals who experience these symptoms should seek medical attention as soon as possible in order to achieve successful treatment. In many cases, patients who exhibit an allergic reaction are and switched to another medication.

For best results, users are often encouraged to follow some basic tips in order to achieve optimal results when using the medication. First, affected patients are typically cautioned against applying Santyl® with bare fingers, and are often advised to wash their hands with soap and water after applying the cream. Patients or caregivers who apply Santyl® are also typically encouraged to use care when applying the drug to the face, as getting even a small amount of the cream in the eyes can be very painful. In addition, it is important to avoid the use of skin products rich in heavy metals, as they have been found to decrease the effectiveness of the medication.


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