What Is Salmon Roulade?

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Many recipes have the word "roulade" in them. This is because a roulade is a type of dish that has been rolled, and it can be prepared by using different kinds of meats and contents, including salmon. A salmon roulade is a piece of salmon that has been rolled into a cylindrical shape after being filling in the center with some type of filling, such as spinach, cream cheese and seasonings. This dish is often served as a main course, it is more appropriately served in the form of an appetizer or hors d'oeuvres.

Salmon roulade is enjoyable as a hot or cold food item. The way it is prepared depends solely on the way one intends to eat it. When preparing a cooked version of this meal, fresh salmon is used, and it is baked in the oven until the fish and the inside stuffing are both cooked to a safe temperature. Preparing this roulade cold requires the use of a smoked salmon and a stuffing variation that does not require cooking, because this variation is eaten raw.


When preparing a meal for an occasion such as a dinner party, one would use a fully cooked version of this dish. The cook would prepare vegetables or other items to accompany the fish and to complete the meal. For a less formal occasion such as a birthday party or event where finger foods are present, an uncooked salmon roulade is the more suitable option.

A simple recipe for a cooked roulade consists of fresh salmon, spinach and softened cream cheese, along with dill, lemon juice, salt and pepper. All but the salmon and spinach are put into a bowl and mixed until they are combined. The salmon is rinsed, and all of the bones and skin are removed. The cream cheese mixture is spread over the salmon, which is then topped with spinach and rolled. The salmon is secured with kitchen twine, then the roulade is pan seared slightly to add color before being placed in the oven at a medium-low temperature to finish cooking.

The cold version of a salmon roulade varies slightly from the cooked variation. To make an uncooked roulade, one will need smoked salmon, softened cream cheese, parsley and black pepper. The smoked salmon is laid flat, and the cream cheese is spread over the top. The cream cheese is sprinkled with parsley and black pepper, and the salmon is rolled into the roulade. It is secured with twine and placed in the refrigerator until the time for it to be served.


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