What is Rustic Furniture?

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The term "rustic furniture" can mean one of two things: furniture that is handcrafted out of authentic materials, or furniture that looks handmade.

Rustic furniture is the type of furniture one sees in a hunting lodge or a cabin in the woods on the edge of a lake. It might include a sturdy wrought iron bed, a plain, solid oak kitchen table, or a handcrafted wrought iron chandelier. This kind of furniture is bold and hearty looking. It gives the feel of the great outdoors and simpler times.

Often rustic-style furniture can be difficult to find in large cities and suburban areas. There are many furniture companies which are now mass producing faux rustic furniture. Often these modern imposters are made of hard plastic and pressed wood. At first glance, a piece might look rustic, but a closer inspection will reveal the truth. True rustic furniture is heavy, solid, and rugged.

Price is always a consideration when choosing to decorate your home with rustic furniture. Genuine furniture of this kind is normally expensive. Good materials such as hard wood, plush cushioning and wrought iron can be pricey, but quality is high. Many people on a limited budget may prefer furniture that is simply rustic-looking. It is often just as decorative as authentic rustic furniture, although not as sturdy and generally can't be expected to last as long.


Rustic furniture warms a home with its rugged, hand-crafted style. Even city dwellers can decorate their home or apartment with this kind of furniture, and find they have created a woodland escape from the noises and traffic of the city. A solid pine bed frame and matching dresser will make an inviting bedroom set. A heavy wooden rocker with a country style cushion can adorn nearly any room. Even the bathroom can be decorated to match with a wrought iron mirror frame, oak vanity set and a shower curtain with rustic themes.

Rustic furniture will make any home feel more comfortable and relaxed, and it will give the impression that if you peek through the curtains, you might just see a mountain lake outside your front door.


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Post 2

We have a small log cabin and rustic furniture is just what I look for to decorate this cabin. It is not as hard to find as I thought it would be, but many times is more expensive than traditional furniture.

I have a bedroom set that is made out of logs that fits well with the look of the cabin. Right now I am looking for some rustic patio furniture to put outside on our deck. The deck is covered so I don't need to worry that it will be out in the weather all the time.

I have a hard time buying a modern style of patio furniture for this log cabin in the woods, so am hoping to find a unique rustic set that will fit within my budget.

Post 1

One example of rustic furniture is what is called "log furniture". This furniture is typically constructed of pine logs and has a rustic appeal.

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