What is Rubber Flooring?

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Rubber flooring is flooring which is made from rubber. There are a number of different formats for this type of flooring, ranging from rubber tiles which are designed to be installed as a permanent flooring solution to rubber pads which can be overlaid onto existing flooring. Many flooring supply stores stock rubber flooring, along with samples for people to inspect before they commit to ordering and installing a rubber floor.

The primary advantage of rubber flooring is that it is extremely springy. This makes it comfortable to walk, stand, and work on. It is often installed in environments like hospitals, retail stores, and kitchens because people spend a lot of time on their feet in these businesses, and a springy floor can make their work more comfortable. It also reduces the risk of injuries which can be caused by standing on hard flooring for extended periods of time. Flooring specifically designed for the purpose of easing strain on the feet and legs is sometimes called anti-fatigue flooring.

In companies which require static control, rubber flooring is a favored static control method, as it is nonconductive. Static control floors are often installed in companies which deal with electronics, as static can damage or ruin electronic components. In addition to installing rubber floors, these companies may also take other measures to reduce static.


Bacteria resistance is another useful trait of this type of flooring. Because it resists bacteria, it can be used in operating rooms and other environments with a high risk of disease transmission. Rubber flooring may also be used in clean rooms like those in laboratories, ensuring that people are not at risk of catching the diseases they work with. This trait can also make it a good choice for schools; it is also more pleasant to land on, an important consideration when working with people who have coordination difficulties.

Many manufacturers of this type of flooring make flooring with sealants which are designed to help resist water and keep the flooring clean. These sealants also resist stains, although since most rubber flooring is black, stains often don't show up anyway. Whether or not a floor is sealed, rubber flooring may require special care; if you install it in your home or business, make sure that you know how to care for it.


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