What is Royal Jade Cream?

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Royal Jade Cream helps regenerate and heal skin cells and tissues. This unique formula was developed by the physicians to the Chinese royal family and has been enjoyed by their royalty and nobility for at least 450 years.

Royal Jade Cream is sometimes used to treat canker sores.
Royal Jade Cream is sometimes used to treat canker sores.

Dr. Steven Chang introduced Royal Jade Cream to the world outside of China in the 1950’s. He is a professor of Taoist medicine and comes from a family line of physicians to the royal family that goes back hundreds of years. His education in following this tradition began at six years of age and he has devoted his life to maintaining the purity of the teachings as well as promoting the value of this ancient and natural art of healing. He is a well known Chinese physician, herbologist, acupuncturist, and has authored many books on related topics.

Royal Jade Cream can be used to treat eczema.
Royal Jade Cream can be used to treat eczema.

Royal Jade Cream is one of many health promoting formulas of teas, herbs and medicines, creams and lotions that have been handed down through generations in his family. The ingredients in Royal Jade Cream are completely natural and each individual ingredient contributes its own unique healing properties. The formula consists of ground jade, ground pearl, frankincense, myrrh, lithospermum and sesame oil. The alchemy of producing Royal Jade Cream has been kept private and very few know or understand the process.

In China, Royal Jade cream is still famous, not not as widely used.
In China, Royal Jade cream is still famous, not not as widely used.

The benefits and healing properties of Royal Jade Cream have a wide range of influence. It was originally formulated for beauty to regenerate new skin tissue. For hundreds of years the royal family of China enjoyed ageless skin with very few lines or wrinkles. Because of the regenerating process, further benefits were quickly established and more sophisticated uses continued to be discovered through the centuries.

Today the uses for Royal Jade Cream range from helping deformed joints due to arthritis, breast lumps, canker sores, cataracts, eczema, glaucoma, gum disease, hemorrhoids, herpes, psoriasis, skin cancer, spinal dysfunction, twisted ankles and vaginal infections. It is even safe for use on infants in treating skin irritations such as diaper rash.

In modern day China, this cream continues to be very famous but not widely used, for the people still regard it as a treasure. The Royal Jade Cream formula is so revered that it is considered more precious than the jade itself. The successes of this unique, ancient formula are uncontested. Because of its all natural content and ingredient combination, no side effects have ever been reported.

Skin conditions such as psoriasis can be treated with Royal Jade Cream.
Skin conditions such as psoriasis can be treated with Royal Jade Cream.

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@burcidi-- It does cost a lot, but not more than other top skin care lines. Many people spend this amount if they want something that really works and helps improve wrinkles.

I've been using Royal Jade Cream for a year and I have benefited more from it than I have from face creams that cost twice as much. I actually bought a whole herbal skin care line online which includes the Royal Jade Cream. It has a cleanser cream, a mask and two moisturizers in it.

So even though it's expensive, I only use a little bit of each everyday and I've probably saved money because I haven't had to buy any other skin products.


I have heard some really great things about Royal Jade Cream for health conditions, especially for post-surgery ailments like stitches, burns and wounds.

But a friend of mine who was using Royal Jade Cream as part of her skin care regime said that it caused her to break out. She has really oily skin so I guess it was too oily for her. I didn't buy Royal Jade Cream for this reason because I also have oily skin. When I checked out the product description on a site, it did say that it is not suitable for oily skin. They had some other Chinese herbal products for oily skin instead.

So that's something to keep in mind if anyone is thinking of using it for skin care.


Wow, this sounds like an amazing cream! I'm happy to hear that it doesn't have any side effects. I do enjoy herbal and all natural skin care treatments. But I often have unwanted side effects and allergies to them because my skin is so sensitive. Royal Jade Cream sounds like something I could use without any problems.

The best part is that it actually has jade in it! I thought that was just the name of it to make it sound exotic and oriental. I have heard of the use of gold in skin care but this is the first time I'm hearing about a cream with precious gems in it. I imagine the jade particles in the cream are super tiny.

What's the price of Royal Jade Cream like?

Considering that it is an imperial cream with jade- a pretty expensive gem, it must be too expensive for me to be able to afford.


You can find Royal Jade Cream through Dr. Chang's apprentices.

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