What Is Rosemary Shampoo?

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Rosemary shampoo is a beauty product that washes hair while providing the added benefits of the rosemary plant. It helps regulate the skin's oil production as well as circulation health. Rosemary is known to condition the scalp and the hair while promoting healthy hair growth. When paired with other healthy hair ingredients, the results can improve hair's shine and overall condition.

The herb rosemary has been used in shampoo for its skin- and oil-balancing effect for hundreds of years. This ancient herbal remedy has brought relief to many who suffer from dry, itchy scalps with dandruff. Those who experience dandruff can use rosemary shampoo to regulate the oils on the scalp and to relieve the condition. When the medicinal effects of rosemary are experienced, the scalp should no longer be flaky and itchy. With the correct pH balance, skin on the scalp typically returns to normal.

Many people use rosemary shampoo because of the nice aroma that the herb exudes. Rosemary can be added to shampoo to improve the quality and fragrance of the product. Many organic hair products and beauty supplies include rosemary to naturally enhance the fragrance without adding any foreign chemicals to the product. A truly organic product will be free from harmful chemicals and contain naturally organic ingredients.


People who suffer from a condition called alopecia can benefit from the use of rosemary shampoo. Alopecia is a condition where a person's hair temporarily falls out. The hair only falls out in certain areas, leaving patches of bald skin. The rosemary stimulates hair growth, which helps those who suffer from this condition regrow hair in the patches that are bald. Rosemary is known to improve circulation, which can help the body to naturally restore itself back to health.

One of the most common uses for rosemary in shampoo is for its conditioning effects. Rosemary acts as a natural conditioner because it regulates oil production. People who have dry or damaged hair can benefit from rosemary shampoo because of the conditioning effect it has on hair. Additional ingredients such as mint or chamomile leaves are often added to rosemary shampoo to enhance the effects as well as add another fragrance that blends well with rosemary. This type of shampoo, along with other rosemary beauty products, can typically be found in beauty supply stores, although mainstream grocers carry some of these items as well.


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Post 3

Rosemary shampoo is great but it's a good idea to read reviews and look at the ingredients before buying one.

Unfortunately, many shampoo manufacturers make "natural" shampoos with chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. They usually throw in a few natural ingredients like essential oils and extracts to make the consumer think it's natural.

I've used two very different types of rosemary shampoo in the past. One had rosemary oil but also contained many chemicals and additives, including parabens. Another was an all natural, plant based shampoo with all natural ingredients. It had rosemary oil as well as aloe and chamomile. So all rosemary shampoos are not created equal.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- I'm not sure but it's probably worth a try.

I use a rosemary volumizing shampoo mainly because it's natural and it smells nice. I like the scent of rosemary, it's therapeutic. This shampoo also makes my hair very soft and shiny.

I don't know if rosemary shampoo will treat scalp conditions. But it doesn't irritate my scalp in any way. If the amount of rosemary in the shampoo is high, it might help get rid of fungi and mites.

Post 1

I've heard that rosemary has antifungal and antiparasitic properties. Will rosemary shampoo treat scalp fungal infections and scalp mites?

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