What is Rosacea Soap?

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Rosacea is an incurable skin condition afflicting mostly fair-skinned people 30-60 years old. It causes a ruddy, red, and inflamed facial complexion and is often accompanied by acne. Rosacea soap is a gentle cleanser specifically designed to ease the symptoms of this condition. It is available over the counter, online, or can be made at home. Not all of these soaps work equally well for everyone.

A good rosacea soap will be gentle on the skin, won't clog the pores, or be excessively drying. Products made of less than 10% soap that rinse easily, have a neutral pH level, and are allergy-tested are usually the best choice. Non-soap cleansers may also be an option for rosacea sufferers. To avoid triggering a rosacea flare-up, doctors recommend avoiding products with alcohol, witch hazel, perfume, menthol, essential oils, peppermint, or eucalyptus oil.

Those with normal or combination skin may want to try a cleanser made for sensitive skin. A creamy, low foaming cleanser may be the best choice for those who have extremely dry skin. This type of rosacea soap leaves a thin film on the skin to keep in moisture. People with oily skin might try a mild soap, but should take care to avoid scrubbing too hard or the condition may worsen.


For those unable to find a commercial rosacea soap that works for them, many specialty, hand-crafted soaps for rosacea are sold online. Some include sea-buckthorn herb in their formulations. Although the makers of rosacea soap with sea-buckthorn claim that it is a very gentle and effective cleanser, many rosacea sufferers disagree. They say that it makes their skin more red, inflamed, and dried out than it was to begin with. Others find it very helpful.

Colloidal oatmeal, another alternative to commercial soaps for rosacea, is inexpensive and easy to use. Quite a few people with rosacea say that it works well to bring down the skin's redness and inflammation. To use colloidal oatmeal, a little warm water can be mixed with the colloidal oatmeal to make a runny paste. This can then be used like any other cleanser. Other do-it-yourself homemade rosacea soap recipes are available online or in self-help books about rosacea.

No one type of rosacea soap will work for everyone with this condition. It is often necessary to try several different products before finding one that helps. Support groups, on- and off-line, are a good place to begin learning about rosacea soap options.


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Post 4

I make natural soaps. I actually just tried a melt and pour goatsmilk base and added honey and ground up oatmeal. My skin has been amazing since I started using this combo last week!

Post 3

I like olive oil soap. It sounds like it will make skin oily but doesn't. Olive oil soap or aloe vera soap is what I reach for when I have a rosacea flare-up.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- A lot of rosacea soaps have a glycerin base so I think you have a lot of options.

I've personally have had good results with pine tar soap and I do recommend it for you. I also have acne and this soap has been great for my acne. It has reduced my breakouts

A friend of mine once suggested neem soap but I never got around to trying it. That might be another good option, you should look into it. I think most organic soaps that do not contain chemicals or perfumes and are not excessively drying will work.

Post 1

I'm thinking about trying a simple, glycerin based soap for my rosacea. I have been shelling out too much money for rosacea and acne treatments from high-end skin care brands. They cost a lot, but do little for my rosacea. In fact, most of them have made my skin worse, either aggravating the redness or my acne.

Has anyone here tried glycerin soap? Did it work out okay for you? Do you have any recommendations for me?

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