What Is Rocky Road Fudge?

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Rocky road fudge is a type of candy with a pliable consistency and a sweet taste. Three defining ingredients for rocky road fudge are chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts. Fudge is usually a very dense, rich confection and it can be difficult to get it to come out just right when cooking it. There are many different recipes, and some places to find them include books, magazines, and the Internet.

Most types of fudge have a soft, malleable texture, and rocky road is no exception. It is firm, yet easy to bite and chew, and often melts in the mouth. It can be cut into individual pieces and will hold its shape well. When handled, correctly-prepared fudge can be manipulated and rolled up into a ball.

When preparing rocky road fudge, there are three ingredients that are necessary to define the flavor: chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts. Since it will be melted, any form of dark, semisweet, or milk chocolate can be used, such as chips or discs. It's usually wise to use the type recommended in the recipe being followed to ensure the correct amount of chocolate when measuring. Miniature marshmallows are the most commonly included, and any type of nuts can be used, although walnuts seem to be the most popular.


Making candy at home can be relatively difficult and often takes some practice. Fudge is usually very dense and rich, with an intense sweetness. When trying to prepare rocky road fudge, it's a good idea to follow the directions in the recipe as precisely as possible. It might be necessary to sample a few different recipes, and try preparing each more than once, in order to achieve the desired result. It's also important to use the correct cooking tools such as a candy thermometer.

There are a variety of places to find recipes for the preparation of rocky road fudge. Cookbooks and magazines are often a good place to start, particularly those that specialize in candy or dessert. Another place to find recipes is the Internet, and it can be helpful to use a reputable website and to read reviews of the recipe for valuable pointers from people who've already tried it. Correctly-prepared homemade fudge can be a special, festive treat, and also makes an inexpensive and thoughtful gift for family and friends.


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Post 2

On the rare occasions I've made rocky road fudge, it's been to take somewhere as a gift. I'm not crazy about marshmallows in fudge. It sounds better than it tastes, to me.

I'm so-so about nuts in fudge. I can take them or leave them. Using a little light corn syrup in the fudge mixture helps it turn out properly most of the time. You can't use too much, though, or it will taste "slick."

I also have dissolved a packet of instant coffee in a little warm water and have cooked it with the sugar mixture to intensify the chocolate flavor. You don't really taste the coffee. It's just good.

Post 1

If you can find one of those Carnation fudge making kits, they work like a charm. I always add a little extra vanilla to the mixture, and it makes it taste really good. The kits take a lot of the guesswork out of making fudge.

The fudge recipes that use sweetened condensed milk are usually pretty goof proof, so I generally stick with those. I've done fudge without them, but you have to have a good candy thermometer and a lot of patience. I'd rather have the sure thing. I generally use pecans in fudge, although I've seen people use peanuts, almonds and walnuts. All comes down to preference, I guess.

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