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Ripped Fuel® is a form of weight loss supplement created to help people boost weight loss results. Created by Twinlab Corporation®, the pill has many supporters and detractors in the fitness and nutrition communities. This supplement is available without a prescription at many drugstores and through online retailers, but all warnings should be read and carefully considered before taking the supplement.

Originally, Ripped Fuel® contained ephedra, a weight-loss substance eventually banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over growing concerns about the associated risk of heart attack and stroke. After the substance was banned, Twinlab Corporation® switched their formula to include or heighten the dosage of several other metabolic stimulants, such as caffeine, guarana, and bitter orange root. Since the ban, interest in weight loss supplements seems to have fallen considerably, but Ripped Fuel® remains one of the most popular brands.

Weight loss supplements tend to work by speeding the heart rate or constricting blood vessels, causing the body to work harder to operate. As a result, the amount of calories burned increase, allowing for greater weight loss. By combining weight loss supplements with a healthy diet and exercise, drug proponents claim that weight loss will significantly increase.


Unfortunately, weight loss supplements such as Ripped Fuel® can carry a host of side effects because of their metabolic boosting ingredients. Anyone who has ever had a little too much coffee can certainly attest to the jittering, restlessness and anxiety associated with getting too much caffeine. In addition to 800 milligrams of caffeine-containing guarana per dose, this supplement contains other stimulants that may cause numerous side effects.

According to the makers of the drug, pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, and those at risk for heart attack, stroke, psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety, diabetes or prostate problems should not take Ripped Fuel®. It is also not recommended for minors, although some reports suggest that the low cost and easy availability of the supplement may make it popular among young athletes. Some people in round-the-clock jobs may use the drug as a stimulant, rather than for weight loss, although this use is not the intended purpose of the supplement.

Before beginning the use of any supplement or diet program, a doctor should be consulted. As metabolic stimulants such as Ripped Fuel® tend to have potentially serious side effects, a full physical may be recommended to discover any conditions that may be adversely affected by taking Ripped Fuel®. Although help with weight loss may be a worthy goal, losing overall health in the process will largely outweigh the results.


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Post 4

@babyksay - I am a firm believer in the fact that supplements or dietary agents don't make a lick of difference. This is especially true if you're planning on losing weight while sitting around all day - it just is not going to happen! Exercise is a tough thing to get into, but most people like to feel that initial burn in their muscles because it lets you know that you must be doing something right after all!

Post 3

@BelugaWhale - I definitely think that portion control is easier said than done - especially if you've dealt with larger portions all your life. Aside from that, a supplement like Ripped Fuel most definitely isn't going to be a miracle drug. Many supplements rely on lots of caffeine and guarana to get their point across and I really don't like that fact. Of course, people also need to focus on cutting out or limiting the intake of certain foods in addition to the points you've already made.

Post 2

@babyksay - I agree with the fact that most agents will have that on them, however, many people are still looking for that miracle drug that's going to just make weight fall off of them. My suggestion as an easy place to start would be to begin by checking your portion size; portion control is a big factor in binge eating, overeating and eating out of sheer boredom.

Post 1

Most dietary supplements do not work as weight loss agents on their own. On almost every package you will most likely see that you should combine the agent with a healthy diet and moderate exercise routine - Ripped Fuel is included in the "most" umbrella here.

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