What is Ring Bologna?

Malcolm Tatum

Ring bologna is a processed meat that is usually created with a mixture of beef or pork. This type of bologna draws its name from the fact that the meat is shaped into a long tubular design, not unlike link sausage. Sometimes known as ringwurst, this meat product is over a foot long and is pliable enough to be shaped into a circle or ring.

Ring bologna comes in a long tubular design.
Ring bologna comes in a long tubular design.

There are two distinct types or classifications of ring bologna: coarse and fine. The coarse type is prepared using a method of grinding the meat or meats in the recipe so that the texture of the finished product is bolder or slightly grittier than many types of processed meat products. By contrast, the fine type has a texture that is smoother, much like the texture of many commercial lunchmeats.

Garlic, which is often used to make ring bologna.
Garlic, which is often used to make ring bologna.

The uses of ring bologna range from creating a quick and easy snack to use as a cooked meat in various recipes. Because the bologna has a small round diameter, slicing the meat makes it ideal for placing on a cracker. The bologna can also be sliced and added to vegetables to make a tasty stir-fried dish, or even diced and included in a casserole.

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As with most processed meats, ring bologna is fully cooked and edible right out of the package. This makes it idea for use in cold sandwiches. However, the flavor usually is enhanced by simple cooking methods such as pan frying or broiling. The cooking action can also help to add a slightly crunchy texture to the bologna, which often adds another element of enjoyment to consuming the processed meat.

While ring bologna is not always available in supermarkets, it is not unusual to see the product available in butcher shops. Along with a basic recipe using a few essential herbs and spices in the meat, it is also possible to obtain specialty types of this meat product that contain large amounts of garlic, various types of peppers, and even versions that are infused with cheeses and pickles. For people who prefer to limit their consumption of red meats, there are also versions of ring bologna that are made using chicken and turkey.

Baked potato casseroles may feature cold cuts of meat, like ring bologna.
Baked potato casseroles may feature cold cuts of meat, like ring bologna.

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My family loves eating ring bologna. My husband is a deer hunter and he always has some of his deer meat mixed with pork to make ring bologna. One of our favorite venison ring bologna recipes is to also add cheese to the meat mixture.

I just place the ring of bologna in a pan of boiling water on the stove. It does not take long for it to heat through. Then I just cut it into slices and love serving it with mac and cheese. This is a quick, simple meal that will easily feed a family.


Ring bologna tastes just as good served hot or cold. I often use ring bologna as part of a snack tray. It is easy to slice and goes well with a variety of crackers and cheese on a party tray.

The best ring bologna recipes I have always consist of even portions of beef and pork. I have had some that were not mixed with those proportions, and I don't think they taste as good that way. I have tried some kinds that were not very good, so I have had the best luck sticking to the main brands, or having a meat department make some up for me.

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