What is Rice CrèMe?

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Rice crème is a sweet vegan treat made by cooking rice with water, sweetener, and soy or rice milk, and then pureeing it to create a thick mixture which can be chilled to create an ice cream substitute. It can be made in a variety of flavors, ranging from classic vanilla to spicy cinnamon, and it can be served with an assortment of sauces. In addition to being vegan, this dish is also low in Calories, especially Calories from fat, making it suitable for people who are concerned about their Caloric consumption.

To make rice cream, cooks will need two parts water, two parts non-dairy milk such as rice, soy, or nutmilk, and one part white rice. The rice should be rinsed before use, to remove some of the starch. The ingredients are combined in a heavy pot or saucepan, with sweetener such as sugar or maple syrup being added to taste, along with any desired flavorings. Rum, cinnamon, chocolate, mint, and coffee are some starter ideas, although the imagination can run wild.


The rice mixture should be cooked until the rice turns soft and most of the liquid has been absorbed, which will take around an hour and a half, before being pureed or run through a food mill. The creamier the rice crème is allowed to get at this stage, the smoother it will be after being chilled. If inclusions such as chocolate chips, nuts, or dried fruit are to be added, they can be folded in after the rice crème has been pureed.

Once the rice crème has been prepared, it should be transferred to a bowl and chilled, or run through an ice cream maker to freeze it. Directly freezing it will result in a icy mass, and it is not recommended. Rice crème can be served just like regular ice cream with things like chocolate sauce, caramel, fresh fruit, and various other flavored syrups and toppings.

In addition to being eaten like ice cream, rice crème can also be be used as a chilled sweet dessert spread for things like cakes, cupcakes, rolls, and so forth. Rice crème also makes an excellent filling for pies and tarts, in a vegan twist on traditional cream fillings. Other innovative uses for rice crème include vegan s'mores, garnishes for dessert plates, and, when left less sweetened, as a garnish for vegan “cream” soups.


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Post 2

@Mykol - I didn't have very good luck when I tried making rice creme with brown rice. I thought I would be creative and experiment with different rice types, but ended up being disappointed.

There was something about the color and texture that was not very appetizing or appealing. The white rice seemed to be a lot better in my opinion.

One substitution I did make that turned out well, was using almond milk instead of rice milk. Since I like this better on my cereal, I thought the rice creme would taste better with it too.

It really is a matter of personal preference, as you can be as creative as you want to be. I love eating this with some honey and cinnamon. It is nice to have a sweet treat that satisfies without feeling guilty about eating.

Post 1

When I was looking for some different, healthy recipes, I saw some rice creme being made on a cooking show.

I liked all the ingredients they were using, and thought it would be a fun thing to try. It does take some time to go through all the steps, but I thought it was well worth it.

Since I am the only one in my family who really likes to eat this kind of 'natural' food, I like to have something that I can freeze.

Since it takes awhile to make, it is nice that it will freeze and last me for several weeks.

When I made it, I used white rice, but wondered if brown rice would be OK to use as it would be much better for you than white rice.

Has anyone ever tried making this with brown rice?

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