What is Retarded Ejaculation?

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Retarded ejaculation is a medical condition also known as delayed ejaculation. A man with this condition takes a prolonged amount of time to ejaculate, or does not ejaculate at all. For different men, retarded ejaculation has either always been a problem or is acquired after a certain amount of time, following a period of normal ejaculation. The condition might be temporary or permanent; in addition, it might occur all the time or only in certain situations.

The causes of retarded ejaculation vary and can be attributed to medication as well as physical or psychological problems. Medications that can contribute to retarded ejaculation include antidepressants and illegal drugs. Physical causes include birth defects, neurological diseases and problems with the pelvic nerves. As for psychological causes, depression and religion can play a role, as well as traumatic romantic or sexual experiences.

Though it is normal for a man to experience retarded ejaculation every once in a while, if the condition persists, it can cause problems for both the man and his partner. For example, it might have a negative effect on the couple’s sex life by causing stress or sexual dissatisfaction. In addition, if the affected man is unable to ejaculate at all, it can hinder the couple’s ability to conceive a child.


Diagnosing retarded ejaculation involves the disclosure of medical history as well as a physical examination. If the doctor suspects there is an underlying physical problem, a neurological test might help determine what could be causing the condition. In addition, the doctor might request other tests, such as those investigating blood or urine.

There are different treatment options available for retarded ejaculation. Sometimes treatment will rid the affected man of the condition, although alleviation of the condition is not guaranteed in all cases. Generally, treatment revolves around the underlying cause of the condition: medication, a physical problem or a psychological problem.

When a diagnosis uncovers that medication is causing retarded ejaculation to occur, a few solutions include making changes to the dosage, making a switch in medication or stopping intake of the medication altogether. In some cases, it might be difficult to resolve the condition if it relates to a medication that is necessary to treat a different medical problem. When a man does not ejaculate at all, and has never done so, it could be because of a physical problem. In this case, tests will determine the cause and, if possible, the appropriate treatment. For psychological problems, therapy might help improve the condition.


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