What Is Resource Management?

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Resource management is the process of ensuring that resources are sufficient and efficient for a task. Resources may include anything a business or organization possesses that is used in the process of creating or maintaining business operations. There are several different types of resource management that may be employed at any organization, including human or workforce management, natural resource management, and general resource management. When a business needs to cut costs, meet new objectives, or improve performance, improving resource efficiency may be one of the most important tactics.

A human resource is a worker employed by an organization. Many companies have human resources departments in order to help manage and assess the available pool of talent provided by the workforce. Human resource management may include creating chain of command structures and handling disciplinary matters as well as hiring, firing, and training employees. One general prerogative of human resources departments is to ensure that the organization is getting the most efficient work out of the smallest and most workforce necessary to completing tasks or objectives. Management tactics in pursuit of this directive may include improving worker morale, refining hiring and training practices to increase the level of talent in the workforce, and eliminating redundancy and waste in the workforce.

Companies that make use of natural resources, such as wood, ore, or animal products, may need to take steps to ensure that these resources are properly managed. From a long-term prospective, the careful management of natural resources ensures a continuous supply of materials for manufacturing, as well as helping to prevent ecological damage that could inhibit business in the future. The management of natural resources may include creating a sustainable supply of raw materials, such as using farmed fish instead of wild-caught fish, or using ecologically safe forestry tactics instead of clear-cutting. By engaging in the proper management of natural resources, organizations help protect the future of their business, and, by association, the future of the environment.

If a business runs out of printer paper for a day, work may grind to a profit-shearing halt until the situation is rectified. Situations such as this are why general resource management can be vitally important to the health, reputation, and efficiency of a business. General resource efficiency includes basic concepts such as ensuring the continuous supply of printer ink, Internet access, fax and copy machine maintenance, mailing envelopes, and even pens and pencils. This type of management is often handled by office staff, who are frequently in the best position to assess when re-ordering is necessary. Creating a good system of management for general, everyday resources can help keep an entire organization running smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

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