What Is Reiki Tummo?

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Reiko Tummo is an energy channeling technique devoted to connecting the self to the Divine Source for healing, spiritual enlightenment and yoga. Reiki comes from Japanese and means vital energy from the universe. Tummo means inner fire and comes from Tibet. The inner fire refers to the Kunalini, a natural power everyone has but few use, which is used in advanced yoga practice.

Reiki healing works in much the same way that healing works in acupuncture, which involves stimulating the flow of Chi, or vital energy that enables the body to heal itself. By restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit, it promotes health and well-being. Reiki Tummo uses attunement to open the heart and allow the Divine Source to work and heal on the body and soul. Being connected to the true self and the heart means being connected to the Divine Source and feeling peace, joy, serenity and happiness on a daily basis.

In order to achieve this kind of spiritual growth, an important step in Reiki Tummo is cleansing. As this healing technique uses the universal energy from Reiki and Kundalini energy from Tummo, the cleansing process is short and thorough, which then improves healing ability. Kunalini energy cleanses the seven energy centers, or chakras, which function as valves regulating the flow of energy through the system.


Each chakra is associated with certain parts and functions of the body though they are not physical themselves. They are aspects of consciousness which are opened and closed depending on the decisions and responses a person makes as they experience the world around them. After undergoing the Reiki Tummo 2 attunement, the chakras are cleansed on a 24 hour basis which increases the vibration of the energy bodies and awakens spiritual consciousness.

Reiki Tummo is the first of many steps of an advanced system of training known as Shing Chi Master Yoga. For Reiki masters, the aim is to awaken and cultivate the Kundalini which allows them to evolve spiritually and reach higher planes of consciousness that bring the practitioner closer to the Creator. While healing is considered a vital part of the process, it is the spiritual aspect which is the key lesson of Reiki Tummo.

Treatment can be given by a practitioner or at a clinic. There are also meditation sessions and workshops where techniques can be learned. Anyone who is seeking a deeper purpose in life may be interested in pursuing Reiki Tummo as well as yoga practitioners, alternative and main-stream healers and social support workers wanting to improve their capacity for compassion.


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