What Is Raspberry Ripple?

Dan Harkins

Raspberry ripple is a popular style of ice cream, particularly in Great Britain as well as further west in Canada and the United States. The flavor is simply macerated raspberries whipped through vanilla ice cream for added color, texture and flavor. Raspberry ripple also is a type of white cake, made in a similar raspberry-centric fashion.

Jam is often used in raspberry ripple.
Jam is often used in raspberry ripple.

The fresher the raspberries used for raspberry ripple ice cream, the better tasting and healthier the treat. Raspberry harvest in usually in the middle of summer. To make them last longer, however, many people freeze the berries or make them into a jam for use in ice cream.

Raspberry ripple can be made with frozen raspberries.
Raspberry ripple can be made with frozen raspberries.

Raspberry ripple can easily be purchased at stores, in Great Britain and in many other countries. It is also fairly easy to make at home using an ice cream maker or by whipping some raspberry chunks through softened vanilla ice cream. For a final touch, some also pour fresh berries over the top for a flavorful garnish.

Perhaps the most difficult part of making raspberry ripple at home is getting the ingredients in the proper proportion. One recipe involves first making a custard with just the yolks of four eggs, 3 oz. (about 90 g) of sugar, 2 tsp (about 10 ml) of vanilla and 2 oz (about 60 g) of flour. Once blended, about 2.5 cups (about 592 ml) of milk is slowly added to the custard as it comes to a boil. The mix then simmers for about three minutes before being removed from the heat.

The final preparation involves about 1.5 cups (about 355 ml) of heavy cream being whipped, then folded into the custard. This is then added to an ice cream machine until almost frozen and then whipped through with macerated raspberries or raspberry jam. Those without an ice cream machine can merely place their ice cream in the freezer, but have to constantly whip the bowl until it is frozen.

In the U.K. a few notable ice cream manufacturers have further popularized raspberry ripple. One is Wall's Ice Cream, which has made the recipe for about 80 years. Another is Millie's Cookies, with locations all over the United Kingdom.

A popular offshoot of raspberry ripple ice cream is raspberry ripple cake. This is a white cake made with some raspberry or cranberry juice, oil and egg whites, which is stirred through with raspberries and/or raspberry jam before it is baked in the oven. This cake is typically finished with a sugar glaze and even more raspberries.

Raspberry ripple is particularly popular in Great Britain.
Raspberry ripple is particularly popular in Great Britain.

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@SarahGen-- I know which ice cream you're talking about. The American brand that sells raspberry ripple ice cream is the same brand that owns Walls' ice cream in the UK. That's why they have a raspberry ripple flavor and I think they are the only ones that do. Raspberry ripple is well known in the UK, but not so much in the US.

This UK brand actually sells in many different countries with the same logo, but different names for each country. So people don't realize that it's the same UK ice cream brand manufacturing in all these countries.

Anyway, I hope they continue selling their raspberry ripple ice cream because it is one of my favorite flavors. It's the best thing to have on a hot summer day. It's refreshing, fruity and light.


@SarahGen-- Actually, I think the idea of "ripple ice cream" is actually American. It doesn't refer to raspberry ripple specifically, but flavoring vanilla ice cream with different syrups is an American invention.

I love raspberry ripple ice cream too but it has to be made with fresh raspberries. I don't enjoy the ones made with raspberry jam and syrup. They turn out too sweet for my liking.

I make raspberry ripple at home but I'm lazy so I just combine vanilla ice cream with raspberries in a blender. Once I made it with frozen yogurt and that was very good too. I liked the tartness of it.


I bought ready-made raspberry ripple ice cream from the grocery store last week. It is not as good as fresh raspberry ripple ice cream I used to have while I lived in the UK. But it's difficult to find this type of ice cream in the US. I was feeling nostalgic and I was just happy to have a bowl.

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