What Is Raspberry Lemonade?

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Raspberry lemonade is a type of lemonade that is flavored with red raspberries. The berries in this drink give the lemonade a sweet taste, and like regular lemonade, it is often considered a summer drink. Fresh raspberry lemonade can be made from fruit, sugar, and water, or it can be made from frozen fruit juice concentrates. Powdered drink mixes, which are much easier to prepare, are also available in this flavor. Adding a carbonated beverage, crushed ice, or flavored ice cubes are nice variations of this drink.

Lemonade is traditionally made from the juice of lemons and sugar. It is typically a somewhat tart drink. Raspberry lemonade is one of the many variations of tradition lemonade, and it is made by adding raspberry juice to the lemonade. The berry juice not only gives the lemonade a sweeter flavor, but it also gives it a pinkish color. This drink typically makes a refreshing warm weather drink, especially when ice is added, but it can be enjoyed any time of year.

Fresh fruit can be used to make raspberry lemonade. To do this, a simple syrup is usually made by dissolving sugar in boiling water. Lemon juice is then extracted from the lemons, usually with a citrus juicer. The raspberries can then be smashed or pureed and strained through cheesecloth, which will help separate the skins and seeds. All three components are then mixed together.


Fruit juice concentrate can also be used to make raspberry lemonade. Frozen juice lemonade and raspberry juice concentrates can usually be found in the freezer section of most supermarkets. Making raspberry lemonade with frozen concentrate is typically much easier than making it from fresh ingredients. The two juices are simply made according to the package directions and mixed together.

Raspberry lemonade drink mix, however, is typically even easier to use. This usually comes in powdered form. A person can often make either a single serving or several servings of raspberry lemonade at one time when using these powdered drink mixes.

Sparkling raspberry lemonade can also be created by adding a clear carbonated beverage, such as club soda. Lemon-lime soda and ginger ale can also be used, but this will usually result in a sweeter raspberry lemonade. When using fruit juice concentrates to make this drink, the carbonated beverage can be substituted for the water.

This drink is best when it is served very cold, usually over ice. Instead of regular ice cubes, crushed ice can also be used, or ice can be chopped in a blender with the juice. Flavored ice cubes, made from juice, also make a nice addition to this drink. When this ice melts, it will not dilute the drink like regular ice cubes, and it will preserve the flavor of the lemonade.


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Whenever I have raspberry lemonade, I always prefer to have it at a restaurant. I don't want to sound like a high class snob or anything, but generally speaking, I'm not a fan of the powdered drinks. They are a lot more artificial, and I have heard that there a lot of things that shouldn't be put in there, such as preservatives, and artificial flavorings. Has anyone else had this experience?

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