What Is Raspberry Curd?

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Raspberry curd is a type of fruit curd, a sweet, tart substance used as a spread in desserts and as a topping for toast and biscuits, sandwiches, and breakfast breads. Made with either fresh or frozen raspberries, the recipe for this curd can vary depending on the flavor desired. It can be used as an alternative to jam, but is smoother in texture and higher in fat due to the inclusion of butter and egg yolks. Once a seasonal treat, raspberry curd can be found year-round as a condiment or an addition to a variety of baked goods.

Depending on the taste desired, there are some additions that can be added to the basic recipe components. Most recipes include butter or margarine and whole eggs or egg yolks to provide richness. Lemon or lime juice may be added to play up the natural tartness of the fruit. Fruit curd can contain very little sugar, or as much as jellies and jams, depending on the flavor desired. Some raspberry curd recipes rely on the natural color of the fruit, while others use red food coloring to improve contrast.

Like jellies, raspberry curd requires the cook to sieve out all of the seeds and pulp, which could interfere with the smoothness of the finished product. Homemade curd usually relies on the interaction between the acidic ingredients and the eggs for thickening. Commercial raspberry curd may contain starches or other thickeners, producing a stiffer product.


Raspberry curd can be used straight from the jar as a condiment, or on pancakes, toast, and in other baked goods. It also adds a strong flavor when placed on top of cookies or meringues, or as a filling for tarts, pies, and other pastries. This fruit curd's adhesive properties make it a useful spread for layer cakes, as well as a flavoring agent. Raspberry curd does best when paired with lemon, vanilla, or other relatively light flavors.

Unlike jelly and jam, raspberry curd has a relatively high fat content. It differs from raspberry custards in its high proportion of raspberries and stronger flavor, though they are similar in texture. Many custards also contain milk or cream, which raspberry curds lack.

Traditionally, raspberry curd was a seasonal food. Its high acidity and sugar content allow it to keep better than fresh berries, but it does not store as well as jam or jelly. Refrigeration and year-round fruit availability have since made this spread more common and allowed it to be stored for longer periods.


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Post 3

My favorite type of curd is lemon curd. I love the lemony, smooth flavor of it. I recently tried raspberry curd and it's now my second favorite.

Post 2

@serenesurface-- Raspberry curd is delicious, definitely try it if you have the opportunity. I think curd is a great invention. The great texture and flavor is thanks to the combination of butter and fruit. You an forego the butter on your toast if you use curd, but beware that different brands taste a little different. Some use more butter while others use less. So you might want to try a few different brands to see which you like best.

I can sometimes find raspberry curd at my large grocery store, other times, I purchase from specialty shops or from online. My favorite raspberry curd is made by a British brand which makes it a little difficult to get a hold of. When I buy raspberry curd, I usually buy at least five jars to stock up. I also like to give it away to friends and family as a gift.

Post 1

I was wondering what a raspberry curd was since curd is usually something containing yogurt or made from yogurt.

I have never tried raspberry curd before but I'm sure that I would like it. I love raspberry jam and jelly and often eat these on toast along with butter. Since raspberry curd contains butter, I could use it alone as a spread for breakfast. I'm going to buy a jar at the next opportunity.

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