What is Quartz Crystal Healing?

Douglas Bonderud

Quartz crystal healing is a type of holistic or alternative medicine that relies on gemstones and crystals to affect change in the human body. Practitioners of quartz crystal healing use various types of stones, placed at or over specific locations on the body. They then channel energy into the these crystals either on their own, or by way of a separate focusing wand.

Quartz is the most abundant mineral found on Earth.
Quartz is the most abundant mineral found on Earth.

Advocates of crystal healing theory maintain that it has its origins in the earliest days of mankind's existence. They point to humans' fascination with gemstones, and a biblical passage in the Old Testament book of Exodus. In this — chapter 28, verses 17 through 20 — what is known as the breastplate of Aaron is described. Aaron, the brother of Moses, was said to have been ordered by God to create a breastplate with twelve gemstones, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. These included a diamond, topaz, and beryl. Since diamonds were not frequently used until 800 BC, some crystal healing devotees argue the diamond in the breastplate was in fact a quartz.

There is no peer-reviewed evidence that proves the effectiveness of quartz crystal healing on the body.
There is no peer-reviewed evidence that proves the effectiveness of quartz crystal healing on the body.

Many crystal healing websites also mention stories about the alleged lost city of Atlantis being sunk by the reckless use of a powerful crystal. Native Hawaiians and the Hopi Indians of Arizona also have a history of crystal healing practices. Both Egyptian and Chinese cultures have also attributed much significance to the gemstone jade, believing it to have powerful healing qualities.

There is no set method for performing any quartz crystal healing. Crystals are often placed on a patient's body according to the location of chakras or force centers. Each chakra is said to have a different color of crystal most attuned to it, and some healers take great care to match stone and chakra. Others believe that each color of stone has its own healing properties or vibration, and use whatever type seems appropriate in a given situation. Often, a quartz wand is used to focus the healer's energy on a specific part of the patient's body.

Quartz crystals are affected by electric fields. The polarity and strength of an electric field can cause a quartz crystal to either expand or contract. This is known as the piezoelectric effect, and, as a result, quartz and other crystals are now used in products such as displacement and force sensors.

Practitioners of quartz crystal healing assert that these crystals operate the same way when they come in contact with human energy fields. In theory, the crystals can detect changes in human energy, and assist in correcting imbalances. From a scientific standpoint, there is no peer-reviewed evidence that quantifiably demonstrates that quartz crystal healing has any effect. It is often referred to as a pseudoscience.

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