What Is Quantum Reflex Analysis?

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According to herbalist Bob Marshall and his certified examiners, a machine called the EPFX/SCIO can perform a quantum reflex analysis to gauge 22 elements of bodily health by measuring the level of molecular luminance being radiated. The quantum reflex analysis involves a set up similar to a lie-detector test. Frequency-monitoring bands are placed around the head, the wrists and other regions, and are then are connected to the EPFC/SCIO. This is connected to a computer that allows a certified examiner to measure with special software a person's molecular radiance, which Marshall refers to as "cellular resonance."

Created by Marshall, the company Quantum Nutrition Labs in Austin, Texas, manufactures a variety of nutritional supplements aimed at restoring the body's natural cellular resonance. Treatment through supplements may follow the results of a quantum reflex analysis. A range of nutritional supplements and alternative medicine practices can be employed to make those reflex points healthier.

According to Marshall, the inspiration for quantum reflex analysis was a field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds each cellular being, which was discovered by Fritz-Alpert Popp, a German professor biophysicist at the University of Kaiserlautern. This "body of light" reportedly shines at different frequencies, allowing those with the right equipment to determine which areas of the body might be in need of added vibrancy. Those with the healthiest bodies shine at the highest level of illumination, resulting in what Marshall calls "harmonic resonance" — a perfect balance of cellular health.


Marshall claims that quantum reflex analysis can gauge whether a person is having any number of problems. Medically, he claims it can identify nutritional problems, excess metallic free radicals in the blood stream, virus patterns, blood sugar illnesses, and organ, muscular or skeletal defects. Emotionally, he claims it can gauge brain wave function to determine stress and even certain psychological conditions like anxiety or depression. Even pets and nonspeaking children can undergo the exam in an attempt to see if any problems exist that cannot be properly communicated.

Quantum reflex analysis is the first step in achieving optimum cellular resonance. A variety of applications thereafter attempt to help people achieve their goals, including a broadcast from the EPFX/SCIO that is set to emit a unique frequency based on an individual's particular prayer request. Marshall also sells his own line of nutritional supplements optimized to bring the right combination of essential antioxidants and other miners into the body to begin righting parts of a metabolism that do not emit the optimum "light." Other than the nutritional supplementation, quantum reflex analysis has not been accepted by the broader medical community.


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