What Is Quantum Meditation?

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Quantum meditation uses absolute stillness to center the mind and emotions while joining both with the body’s naturally present energy. Using this type of meditation, practitioners maintain a greater ability to make good decisions, maintain a permanent state of contentedness to the life energy in their surroundings and eliminate stressful feelings. Many who have been meditating in this way for years also believe that it is useful in healing the body of physical ailments. Quantum meditation is believed to join the mind and body in such a way as to help practitioners achieve and maintain a state of enlightenment.

Described by many as an intensely relaxed but highly alert state, quantum meditation is one of many meditation techniques practiced throughout the world. It differs from other types of meditation, however, in that its focus is not only to quiet the mind or bring about a relaxed state. Quantum meditation is, instead, a technique used to broaden one’s focus in order to expand to a place where the mind is consistently aware of infinite reality.


Those who engage in quantum forms of meditation believe that the practice literally transforms the chemical and cellular workings of the brain. It is believed that these physical changes actually allow people to experience new and more enlightened ways of living. While doing meditation in this way, it is believed that the mind is transported into a quantum field as the brainwaves shift from a beta state, which is the normal state of being that most people operate in while awake. Quantum practitioners maintain that while the mind is in the quantum field, brain cells are actually synchronized and the entire brain is active at the same time. This state is also known as "super-consciousness."

After learning quantum meditation, those who use it regularly tout the ability to be able to enter in and out of a state of super-consciousness at will, with very little effort. In doing so, they report a constant state of inner calm and a connection to others that brings about a sense of peace that is felt even when not in a meditative state. According to practitioners, some of the other benefits of quantum meditation are an ability to heal sickness and an ability to relate more deeply to one’s surroundings.

Learning any meditation style takes intense focus and it is no different for doing quantum meditation. This particular technique is often taught to a person by a more experienced practitioner. Books and audio recordings are also sold to help guide those interested in learning more about practicing quantum meditation.


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Post 3

In essence, every type of meditation aims to help the individual access that one common consciousness of the universe. Different people refer to it differently. Some think of it as the intelligence or consciousness of all humanity and all living things. Others think of it as the light and wisdom of God.

Whatever it may be, through meditation, we are all seeking a way to connect to it because it makes us more peaceful, wiser individuals. It helps us overcome negativity and difficulties and function psychologically, spiritually and physically in the healthiest state possible.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- Every meditation center does not teach quantum meditation but it is slowly becoming more popular. If you live in an urban area, I'm sure you can find at least one center that offers this type of meditation.

You can also do quantum meditation online. There are online guides that can help get you started. Of course, having a teacher has many benefits and you are more likely to learn quickly that way. But it's not something that you can't learn on your own. If you have the intention and if you have done other types of meditation, it will come easier to you.

Post 1

I would love to learn quantum meditation. The idea of being calm and content, yet also connected to everything sounds great. I have a very stressful job and sometimes the stress takes a toll on me psychologically and physically. I need a way to fight the stress and establish calmness in me.

Do most meditation centers teach this type of meditation? Will I have trouble finding a teacher?

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