What is Qigong Healing?

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Qigong healing is a healing system that was developed in China. This type of healing is also sometimes referred to as ch'i kung. Even though it is an ancient form of Chinese medicine, it is still commonly used in today's society. Qigong healing has many benefits, it is used as a self-healing tool, and it can be used to heal others as well.

According to historical data about qigong healing, it has been around approximately 2,500 years. This makes it one of the oldest forms of healing currently used. The basic idea behind qigong healing is that energy is used to alter the conditions in the body and promote healing. This practice utilizes breathing techniques, meditation, and other movements to start the healing process.

Qigong healing has been known to produce many benefits for those who practice it regularly. It has been used to heal diseases and damage to the body. In addition to that, it also is known to improve energy levels for individuals who practice it. It improves circulation, helps the skin, and increases metabolism as well.

One of the most common applications of qiqong healing is with self-healing. This means it is a form of Chinese medicine that can be used on an individual basis. Some of the exercises and practices of qigong can be practiced by individuals regularly to promote health and heal certain conditions within the body.


This portion of qigong healing is frequently used to help control stress on an individual basis. By controlling stress levels, patients can use these techniques to lower their blood pressure, cholesterol, and help anxiety. By regularly practicing these techniques, individuals can significantly improve their health over the long term.

Another way that qigong healing is frequently used is by administering it to others. There are many individuals who are considered to be qigong healers. These healers regularly engage in applying these techniques to other individuals.

Qigong healers will consistently practice healing exercises that are designed to increase the flow of energy within the body. By doing this, they can direct the energy out and use it to help heal other individuals around them. Qigong healers utilize a system of healing that does not require any physical contact with the patient they are working with. Instead, healers will focus on the energy system of the body and healing with it.


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