What is Pyrogenium?

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Most herbal remedies come from some sort of plant or insect. The herbal remedy pyrogenium, however, is made from meat. The homeopathic medicine is used to treat a variety of symptoms, including those of the blood.

Pyrogenium is made by mixing water and lean beef together. It is left standing for three weeks. Afterward it is strained, and the liquid from the mixture, called sespin, is set aside to evaporate. The result is then be mixed with glycerine to form pyrogen solution.

The main condition that pyrogenium is used to treat is blood poisoning, and its associated symptoms. The homeopathic medicine can alleviate symptoms such as high fever, cold sweats, abnormal pulse rate, and restlessness. It may provide relief for general soreness. Bodily bruising and aches can be assuaged by the remedy. Ulcers, particularly those in the elderly, can also be treated with pyrogen solution.

People with symptoms that would normally call for this treatment are usually given penicillin or similar medications to combat infection. Homeopaths typically prescribe this remedy when the patient has a longstanding history of sepsis without a full recovery. Mild abrasions and inflammation may be treated with pyrogen solution, as well as bacterial infections.


Issues with the kidneys, liver, urinary tract, bowels, lungs, and gallbladder may be righted by using the remedy. It can also be used for treating skin problems. Specific types of fevers can be remedied with pyrogenium. These can include typhoid fever, ptomaine fever, and other fevers that arrive slowly.

Sinusitis and nasal congestion have been remedied by the treatment. Other nasal issues, such as headaches, burning, or discharge, may be treated by the remedy as well. It has also been administered to pets with discharge, high fever, or weak pulse.

Too much pyrogen in the body can cause serious health complications. Large doses may result in blood damages similar to poisoning. If symptoms worsen or do not improve following four days of use, pyrogenium should be discontinued. Women who are pregnant or nursing should seek medical advise prior to using this homeopathic medicine.

Although this remedy is a liquid solution, patients are often prescribed the remedy in pellet or tablet form. These versions of the remedy usually dissolve on contact. Doses of the medication should be taken within ten minutes of eating a meal. The medicine should be stored in a cool, dry place and kept sealed tightly. Any pyrogenium products without a seal or with a broken seal should not be used.


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Post 4

@aviva - I had the same symptoms that you described with the painful congestive headaches that seems to dominate your life at the time it's happening. I often felt like my brain was actually too big for my skull and was trying to bust out.

Yes. I know how you feel but there is a homeopathic remedy that's right for you. For best results you really should discuss your symptoms with a trained professional homeopathologist.

But the treatment I use for my particular migraine symptoms is called glonoinum. I've found that by taking very small amounts over long periods of time has basically left me migraine free. I hope you find a treatment that's right for you soon and in the meantime try to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

Post 3

I understand that homeopathic remedies are for the treatment of the symptoms and not necessarily of the illness itself. I have taken Oxycodone in the past for my migraines but I've not been very successful with it and I'm fearful of it's addictive nature.

I get terrible throbbing headaches especially from sunlight or exposure to the sun. It feels like my head just wants to explode and it makes me want to scream. My mouth is always dry, I get a loss of appetite and any little noise aggravates the pain.

Does anyone else have these symptoms? If so, have you found a homeopathic remedy that works well for you?

Post 2

My sister has been using homeopathic medicines to aide with a number of illnesses and aliments including the flu and an abscess tooth.

About six months ago she started taking graphites to help regulate her menstrual cycles. It's common for her to skip a month or two at a time or flow for fourteen days straight. It's crazy! But something must be working because she has had a period now every twenty-eight days for the past six months.

She has a lot of faith in these graphites. According to her it can relieve the symptoms of number of problems especially those associated with the skin like eczema and psoriasis.

I don't know that I have as much faith in all of it as she does, but the next time I get the flu, I may call her up.

Post 1

I've never been much of a believer in homeopathic medicine but my wife may have just converted me into thinking otherwise.

I had a root canal done a few weeks ago and after the surgery I had developed a serious infection in my gums. I was taking the prescribed antibiotics for three or four days with no relief.

My wife suggested that I try pyrogenium homeopathy and at that point I would've drank cyanide to kill the pain I was in. Anyway, I agreed and within twenty-four hours the pain, swelling and all the other symptoms from the infection were completely gone.

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