What is Pyramid Healing?

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Pyramid healing is an alternative healing practice that is based on the concept that the shape of the pyramid provides a means of tapping into the healing energy that surrounds every living thing. Proponents of this type of healing note that pyramids are found in many different cultures, and are often associated with growth, production, and vitality. By using simple handheld pyramids to direct this pyramid healing power, practitioners seek to heal such ailments as general fatigue, depression and anxiety, tension, and even the common cold.

The actual process of pyramid healing varies from one user to another. Some healers use blends of scented herbs that are believed to help the patient relax, while others use candles or incense to accomplish the same end. Taking care to place the patient in an environment where natural sunlight is ample, a small pyramid is held in the hand by the practitioner. Depending on the approach, the pyramid may be gently applied to the surface of the skin, or hovered just above the skin. Each technique is understood to serve as a conduit for natural healing energy to enter the body and begin correcting the root cause for any imbalance between mind, body, and spirit that is leading to the ailment.


Other practitioners include other elements that are understood to help heal the mind and spirit as well as the body. Some healers will chant mantras while moving the pyramid over the body, in order to help focus the mind and allow it to connect with the universal consciousness. Gentle music may also be played to help relax the patient and make concentration on the healing process easier to manage. Pyramid healing is often used as a solitary approach to healing, without the addition of other strategies or techniques.

In addition to formal healing sessions, pyramid healing is also thought to take place while wearing jewelry in the shape of a pyramid. Often, this involves wearing an amulet with an engraving of a pyramid on the surface, or a small pyramid suspended from a chain around the neck. Ideally, the pyramid is constructed using natural elements, such as wood, stone, or even glass blown using the purest sand available, since natural materials are said to be superior conduits of natural energy. The jewelry helps to provide a continual flow of energy to the body and mind, thus preventing a number of physical and emotional ills.

As with many alternative healing techniques, there is currently no qualified research that affirms the efficacy of the treatments. For this reason, practitioners of Western medicine tend to discount this approach to healing as having nothing more than a placebo effect. There is greater acceptance among those who practice other types of energy healing, such as Reiki, as well as those who hold to the efficacy of spiritual healing. Proponents of herbal medicine and aromatherapy sometimes include pyramid healing as part of the overall treatment regimen, although this is not always the case.

While there is no body of controlled medical research to affirm the effectiveness of pyramid healing, there is a substantial body of anecdotal evidence. Some of those who claim to have received healing from pyramid treatments note that other forms of treatment, including Western medicine, provided little to no relief. Often, healing does not occur during a single session; this means that the patient is likely to undergo multiple sessions over a period of time before noticing a difference in his or her symptoms.


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Post 3

Can I hang up a pyramid on the ceiling above my bed?

Post 2

Can I make my own miniature pyramid and use it for therapy?

If the pyramid itself has healing powers, is it necessary for us to go to holistic healing practitioners? I have chronic migraines and I have tried just about everything. I want to try pyramid healing because I have read very good things about it, although I am worried about how much several sessions to a practitioners might cost.

I have seen some pyramid sets on sale online, so I am wondering if it would be of help if I just got one of those and tried some meditation with it? I've also heard that the pyramid shape is beneficial for people with sleeping problems if they place it under their bed before sleeping. It all sounds great, I hope I can benefit from it too.

Post 1

When I was at a meditation resort last year, I learned several new types of meditation, one being the pyramid meditation. If I hadn't learned about the pyramid and its powerful healing energies there, I wouldn't take this information very seriously.

While I was at the resort however, my meditations underneath a pyramid shape were my most successful meditations. I was able to completely block out distractions and reach a new level of consciousness that I have always been trying to achieve.

I also felt physically better after my daily pyramid meditation. I was energetic and strong. I didn't need my usual three cups of coffee, I wasn't forgetful as I usually am and I started to lose weight.

There is just something about the shape of the pyramid that somehow makes our mental and physical system work better I think.

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