What is Purevia&Trade;?

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Purevia™ is a specific consumer brand of natural sweeteners that have gained popularity in recent years. Developed and sold by PepsiCo, Inc. and Whole Earth Sweetener Company LLC, Purevia™ is an all natural, zero-calorie alternative to other edible sweeteners such as sugar. The main ingredient of Purevia™ is the stevia plant, specifically the rebaudioside A compound present in its leaves. Purified rebaudioside A is also referred to as Rebiana, its trade name.

The beneficial qualities of Purevia™ are recognized in relation to its natural sweetening properties, its use as a non-caloric sweetener and its utility as an alternative to sugar and other artificial sweeteners. Purevia™ possesses a different chemical composition from the two most common zero-calorie sugar substitutes, sucralose and aspartame, because of its derivation from a naturally occurring source, the stevia plant.

Purevia™ can act as both an added sweetener or sugar substitute in food and drink and in cooking and baking. How closely it replicates the effects of sugar, depends on the the amount and the way in which it is used. When Purevia&trade is used in higher concentrations, a bitter aftertaste, similar to licorice in some cases, may be detected.


The natural properties of the stevia plant, native to areas in South America, make it an ideal source for a sweetener. Many of its sweetening properties are concentrated in the leafy portions of the plant, which contain steviol glycosides that include stevioside, rebaudioside A, rebaudioside C, and dulcoside A. These glycosides produce up to 450 times the sweetness of sugar without the caloric content.

Purevia™ is composed of a number of ingredients, the most significant of which is the rebaudioside A. It is formulated by extracting rebaudioside A, the sweetest and least bitter tasting glycoside, from stevia leaves. The glycosides are extracted and purified through a water-based process in order to produce highly purified rebaudioside A crystals with minimal traces of impurities at 200 times the sweetness of sugar. The crystals are then mixed with a combination of natural flavors, isomaltulose, erithritol and a bulking agent to create the final Purevia&trade product.

People who require sugar substitutes or alternatives because of a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle or for medical reasons can benefit from the use of Purevia™. Due to its stevia plant source, Purevia™ is appropriate for use by individuals with diabetes, for weight-loss purposes and for those who would like a substitute for sugar in their diet.


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