What is Pure Retinol?

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Pure retinol is a Vitamin A derivative. Many skincare products claim to contain pure retinol, though most over-the-counter products do not contain enough retinol to produce desired effects. A large number of consumers are under the impression that retinol, in any form, is the best way to reduce the signs of wrinkles, though this is not necessarily true.

In order to effectively reduce wrinkles, a product must contain a large percentage of retinol. Since most over-the-counter creams do not list the percentage of retinol contained within a product, it is difficult for consumers to determine which products are effective, and which ones are useless. Prescription products also contain Vitamin A derivatives, though these ointments have an ingredient called retinoid. As a general rule retinoids are significantly stronger than retinols.

Regardless of a product's packaging, any lotion or cream that claims to have pure retinol in it is only as good as the percentage of retinol that it contains. Any product that contains a large amount of other ingredients, such as caffeine, and a low amount of retinol will not produce wanted effects.


There is no difference between pure retinol and retinol. The word pure has been added to retinol products by marketers in order to attract consumers. The only product that can truly contain pure retinol is a product that only contains retinol — no other ingredients. Thus, it is important to read an ingredient list when choosing any retinol cream of any kind.

When looking for a retinol product, it is a wise idea to read consumer reviews. Since these products are popular throughout the world, many consumers frequently review creams and ointments that claim to effectively reduce wrinkles. Another good way to find an effective skin cream is to ask retailers for a sample of each cream. Trying different creams is a good way to purchase a product that will work for each skin type.

Keep in mind that many retinol products can irritate the skin. Prescription products that contain a higher percentage of Vitamin A may also put consumers at risk for serious sun damage. When using any retinol product, make sure to stay away from bright sunlight, and wearing sunblock is also a wise idea when using retinol creams.Instead of looking for a cream that contains pure retinol, look for a cream that has a large amount of this ingredient.


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Thanks for the information Heavanet. It helps to get the point of view from someone who has actually used a product.

Post 2

Rundocuri, I have been using retinol cream as an anti aging serum for over ten years, and I have found it to be the best anti aging face cream available. When I first started using it, I did have some redness and irritation, but that went away over time. Your dermatologist can help you by advising you on the lowest dose to begin with, and gradually increase it as needed.

Post 1

I have been thinking about trying retinol cream as anti aging remedy. Does anyone have experience using this? I'm particularly interesting in knowing about the side effects, like skin redness and irritation.

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