What Is Pure Barre®?

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Pure Barre® is a type of exercise developed in 2001 by Carrie Rezabek that involves elements of ballet, weight training, and Pilates; it is designed to tone the entire body. It often referred to as the Pure Barre® technique, and abbreviated PBT, much of the work takes place on a ballet barre. Though it is most frequently offered in group classes at fitness centers, a DVD is also available for people who want to work out at home or while they are traveling. The workout is very low impact and does not involve jumping, so it is safe for people of many different physical abilities, and is popular as a postpartum workout as well.

The length of each Pure Barre® class is 55 minutes, and the time is broken up into different sections that involve the use of free weights, and work on the ballet barre. In between these sections, participants do stretching exercises based on Pilates techniques. According to the Pure Barre® web site, this is to ensure that participants develop long and lean muscles, and increase flexibility. This combination of aerobic and strength training also helps to promote weight loss, and to strengthen specific areas, such as the thighs and the abdomen, which might be more difficult to target with other exercises.


Much of the ballet barre work in Pure Barre® classes is centered around isometric exercises. In these types of exercises, the angle of the joint performing the exercises does not change, and the muscles don't lengthen. Instead, resistance is used to make the muscles contract. That might mean holding a weight in one position for an extended period of time. Isometric exercises help to target the smaller supporting muscles to increase strength, and they can be very challenging yet very effective. The company claims that it is possible to see a difference in the body after taking ten Pure Barre® classes.

The Pure Barre® technique is intended to be a fun yet intense workout that really makes a difference in participant's bodies. The class is most popular with women, especially with those who have recently given birth and want to get their strength and pre-baby figure back. Music is played during the class to boost energy levels. Searching on the company web site or online will display locations that these classes are offered, or DVDS or podcasts can be accessed if there are no locations offering it locally.


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