What is Pubic Liposuction?

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Pubic liposuction is a type of liposuction procedure specifically intended to remove the often unsightly fatty deposits that can accumulate on top of the pubic bone, even in people who enjoy a healthy body weight. Women are probably most often affected by pubic mound fat, but men can develop fatty deposits over the pubic bone, as well. While pubic liposuction may often be used in conjunction with procedures like the tummy tuck to produce the best surgical results, many patients may find that the fatty pad over the pubic bone is their only area of undesirable body fat. Excess pubic fat can be embarrassing for those who have it, and it's generally considered impossible to burn off through diet and exercise. Pubic liposuction is therefore considered one of the only options for removing fat from the pubic mound to improve its appearance.

Because the pubic mound is generally located close to important reproductive organs and structures, surgeons generally advise exercising great caution when considering this surgery. Special care may need to be taken to choose a qualified, skilled surgeon. While instances of injury to the genitals or reproductive organs aren't considered common, they can occur. Choosing the best possible surgeon for this procedure can help minimize the risk.


The procedure known as pubic liposuction is typically performed through small incisions in the skin of the area. A local anesthetic, combined with an oral sedative or pain reliever, may be used, though many surgeons prefer a general anesthetic for this procedure. Since the pubic mound area is usually fairly small, micro-cannulas are generally used. The use of micro-cannulas can also help surgeons work around any fibrous connective tissue infiltrating the fatty tissue.

Following the pubic liposuction procedure, most patients must wear a supportive garment for up to four weeks. This helps the treatment area heal effectively, and it can help give an appealing shape to the new pubic mound. Most patients are encouraged to avoid heavy lifting and sexual intercourse for three to six weeks following the surgery. Patients are generally able to return to work and other normal activities about a week following pubic liposuction. During the first seven days of recovery, however, patients may be asked to move around as much as side effects permit, since this can stimulate speed the healing process by stimulating blood circulation to the treatment area.


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