What is Prune Whip?

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Prune whip is a relatively simple dish created with the use of pureed prunes and several other ingredients. Often, the presentation includes a dollop of whipping cream placed on top of the whip. While the dish generally considered to be among the wide range of fruit-inspired desserts, this type of fruit whip is also sometimes used as a palate cleanser between courses of a meal.

The use of prunes in this culinary option do more than simply provide a pleasant taste. It is not unusual for people to utilize the fiber promoting properties of the prune as one means of obtaining needed fiber in the diet. From this perspective, prune whip can be viewed as not only a treat to enjoy during or at the end of a meal, but also an effective way to add fiber to the daily consumption of food.

There are a number of different recipes for prune whip. One simple recipe calls for no more than seven ingredients. Because the basic recipe requires only basic cooking skills, even individuals who do not consider themselves to be proficient in the kitchen can prepare the dish with relative ease.


To begin the process of making prune whip, it is necessary to prepare the prunes. They should be placed in a saucepan along with a small amount of water. After the prunes simmer long enough to become soft, they are transferred to a blender or food processor, where they are pureed. The puree can be smooth or include small pieces of prune if a different texture is desired.

Once the prunes are pureed, they are returned to the saucepan. Sugar, vanilla extract, and a small amount of lemon juice are worked into the puree until the sugar is completely dissolved. At this point, the prunes can be taken off the heat and set aside for a moment.

In order to prepare the next major ingredient for the prune whip, the whites of several eggs are whipped to stiff peaks. A small amount of cream of tartar is worked into the whites while the beating process takes place. After the whites are stiff, the pureed prunes are gently folded into the egg whites until the two mixtures are completely combined.

The final step in making prune whip involves baking the combined mixture. After applying butter and sugar to the interior, the prune and egg white mixture is poured into the baking dish. The completed recipe is placed into a preheated oven and allowed to bake for roughly a quarter of an hour. As soon as the prune whip has achieved a slightly golden brown hue along the top, the baking dish is removed from the oven and allowed to cool to room temperature. The whip is then placed into a refrigerator and allowed to chill.

When ready to serve, the prune dessert is spooned into dessert cups and topped with a small amount of whipping cream. The end result is a tasty dessert or palate cleanser that looks as if it took more effort to create than this simple prune whip recipe actually required.


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