What is ProvideX?

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As a derivative of the Business Basic platform of the middle 1980’s, ProvideX is a computer language that works on a number of different operating systems and helps to provide the basis for an interface on a number of essential applications and components. Building on the principles of BASIC (from which Business Basic was derived), ProvideX continues to adapted over the years, increasing the scope of its functionality to meet the innovations that have occurred since the advent of the personal computer.

While originally configured as a programming language with a focus on business related applications, ProvideX quickly began to broaden into other types of applications as well. Early on, ProvideX proved to be an excellent vehicle for use with such components as presentation layering and interface protocols, as well as in the management and manipulation of file systems. Since ProvideX was developed as a tool for electronic business usage, the language and applications quickly found their way into software applications in a number of different industries. By the end of the 1980’s ProvideX was firmly established as a tool within applications relevant to such industry types as healthcare, transportation, textile plant and inventory management, and product distribution.


Since those early years, ProvideX has broadened both the types of applications that make use of the language and the number of places around the world with it is utilized. Among the more recent applications are such innovations as client-server software and systems, a wide array of web services, especially e-commerce applications, and graphical interfacing. More recently, ProvideX has begun to be useful in the creation of object oriented programming strategies and capabilities.

ProvideX is available on all the major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux. While the applications of ProvideX have expanded a great deal from the original intention for the language, it has continued to serve those foundational applications as well as remain current through all the technological innovations that have emerged thus far.


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