What is Private Sector Housing?

C. Daw

Private sector housing is a type of housing which is built and developed by entrepreneurs and businessmen for the sake of profit. In private sector housing schemes, generally the house rents are kept low. This type of housing is subsidized by the national government for the sake of low or moderate income families. Subsidy can be either in the form of low rent housing or it can be supplements offered to the tenant, owner, or builder of the housing.

Private sector housing may established to help people overcome homelessness.
Private sector housing may established to help people overcome homelessness.

Social housing, also known as subsidized housing, is a scheme of housing under which people with low or moderate income are allowed to rent a house which is provided by the national government with low rents. Subsidized housing is a good program for average families. This type of housing is mostly offered to, and occupied by people who fall in certain categories, such as low income families or individuals, individuals who have faced domestic violence, aboriginals, homeless individuals, people with mental or physical disabilities, immigrants, and seniors. Under this housing scheme there are some types of subsidies such as non-profit housing, direct housing subsidies, rent supplements, and public housing. Some of the other types of housing subsidies under the social housing scheme are cooperative or private sector housing.

There are also some councils that help low income people by offering them private sector housing assistance in the form of private sector housing grants. These grants can be used by the tenants either to repair the house or adapt the house according to their personal comfort. This allows the tenants with low incomes to renovate and repair their house when it gets damaged in any way. This also facilitates the people with disabilities to remodel the rented house according to their needs.

There are some councils that offer private sector housing services. These services are meant to provide help and support to private sector housing homeowners, tenants and landlords. The services include energy efficiency advice, area regeneration and renewal support, help to empty and clean the house so that the owners can reuse their property, assistance to owner occupiers, and various other services, depending upon the particular council. This service also helps cover the costs of repairing a house, house renovation assistance, home improvement support, and schemes for house regeneration. This allows people with disabilities to adjust to their house.

Landlords are encouraged to improve their house by maintaining physical standards of such houses. As such, it can be said that the private sector housing scheme is a preferable one for all those who want to own a house at an affordable rate, as well as get help and support for most necessities of living within the private houses. This provides everybody with the opportunity to stay in a decent, affordable house.

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