What is Pouchong Tea?

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Pouchong tea is a type of fermented tea that was originally grown in Taiwan. This type of tea is mild in flavor, though it is often mixed with other teas in order to produce a strong smell and taste. Many people often refer to this tea as "Chinese green tea" this is a misnomer, since green tea is not fermented, and pouchong tea does go through a slight fermentation process.

While teas labeled "pouchong tea" often come from various parts of the world, authentic pouchong tea is only grown in one specific area. The Pinglin Township, located near Taipei, is the only place in the world where true pouchong tea is produced. When picked, this type of tea is not compacted into a ball as most teas are. Instead, this type of tea is rolled into long strips that are then left to dry in the sun.

Throughout Taiwan, pouchong tea is called "Wenshan Pouching Tea," since it comes from the Wenshan region. Similar to wines that are grown within certain regions, the Wenshan region of Taiwan is famed for its teas. Unlike wine, the price of Wenshan tea does not decrease due to a bad crop or rotten weather. Whether or not Wenshan teas are as good one season as they were during the last season, tea merchants frequently pay the same price for the tea, since it bears the name of the Wenshan region.


Great care is taken when producing any tea from this region. The farmers that grow Wenshan teas abide by strict growing guidelines that almost always produce excellent teas regardless of weather or other growing problems. Thus, these teas are always priced according to the Wenshan region's tea reputation.

As far as teas from the Wenshan region go, pouchong tea is not the strongest in flavor. People who have grown to appreciate this type of tea do so due to the subtle notes of melon and ripe fruit that the tea projects. In addition to drinking this type of tea, many chefs around the globe use this kind of tea to produce unique tea-infused dishes.

Since pouchong tea is so mild, it is the perfect tea to blend with any other food including meats and vegetables. Teas from the Wenshan region of Taiwan can be purchased through specialty tea retailers or online. Consumers who want to ensure the authenticity of a tea should ask to see the country of origin label prior to purchase.


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