What is Post Scabies?

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Post scabies is a term used for the aftermath of the skin condition known as scabies. It occurs because of dead mites that are still present under a person’s skin. Symptoms of this problem will appear much the same kind as scabies, but are usually less severe. Many of the aggravations that occur are the result of the skin’s allergic reaction to the debris and dead mites located beneath the skin.

Scabies is a skin condition in which tiny mites infest a person’s skin. These parasites burrow beneath the surface of the skin and cause red bumps, lesions, itchiness, discomfort, and pain. If these problems occur, a person will need to see a doctor to get a correct diagnosis. The physician will generally scrape off a little bit of a person’s skin and place it under a microscope, to enable him to see the mites. Certain medications are used to rid a person of the mites.

After the mites have been killed, they will still be present beneath the skin, where they can continue to cause problems. Generally, it can take up to a month for them to completely decompose. The skin of a person after being treated with scabies will most likely be itchy and have lesions, bumps, and minor discomfort. These aggravations are generally not as severe, but at times may cause the same level of discomfort as the scabies did. This is especially true if the symptoms of post scabies are not treated.


Dry skin typically occurs with the aftermath of scabies, so moisturizer or lotion is often recommended to remedy this problem. Medications may be used to quickly get rid of the dead mites, but are usually harsh on the skin. Dermatitis may occur with the use of the types of medicines.

Sometimes, post scabies can mimic scabies, making it difficult to tell if the mites are really gone. The general rule is to see a doctor if new bumps appear and do not go away within three or four days. A physician will be able to take another scraping and see if there has been a re-infestation. Scabies treatments should not be used again in post scabies unless a physician recommends it because the mites have come back.

The occurrence of post scabies can be avoided by staying away from people who have mites. The elderly, children, and people who have weak or compromised immune systems are most likely to get scabies. Many of the places a person should try to stay away from during a known outbreak include schools, orphanages, daycare centers, retirement homes, and nursing facilities.


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Post scabies is not contagious if it is the aftermath of scabies like dead mites under the skin. You say to avoid post scabies, to stay away from people who have mites, but if you get around people who have mites, then you will get scabies, not post scabies.

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