What Is Pork Sirloin?

Lori Kilchermann

Pork sirloin is typically an economical cut of meat containing the eye of loin and the tenderloin meat, along with hip and back bone. Commonly cut into roast, chops and cutlets, the pork sirloin is a versatile meat that is typically served by broiling, braising and roasting. Many cooks prefer to grill and pan-fry the sirloin, being careful to not overcook and dry out the extremely lean meat. It is often cooked with extra liquid to prevent the meat from drying. It is commonly prepared by adding not only water, but sauerkraut, all of the kraut juices and some applesauce.

Pork sirloin is often served with sauerkraut.
Pork sirloin is often served with sauerkraut.

When grilling a pork sirloin — be it roast or chops —, it is important to cook it for an extended period of time over a low heat. This method prevents the meat from becoming very dry. The sirloin responds well to a fruit glaze, such as apple, peach or cherry, being brushed on as the meat cooks. Using a rotisserie is another popular method of cooking the pork with charcoal and propane gas grills. The pork can also be cooked in a slow cooker or low-temperature oven.

Pork sirloin is often cooked on a broiling pan.
Pork sirloin is often cooked on a broiling pan.

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Salt and pepper will work well for seasoning a pork sirloin, however, a seasoned salt will provide an added flavor that is often popular on the roasted meat. Honey and maple syrup are also appropriate products that may be added to the meat as it roasts. As the sugars brown, they form a crust that adds a slight crunch to the outer layer of the finished meat roast. Cutlets are often coated with a breading mixture and fried to a golden-brown color. The pan drippings can be used to create a brown gravy that goes well with fried, mashed or boiled potatoes.

Occasionally, a butcher can be persuaded to de-bone the pork sirloin and make a rolled and tied pork roast from the resulting meat. This type of roast is commonly prepared by simply peppering and lightly salting the roast before placing it in a shallow baking dish and placing it in the oven. A low temperature is usually preferred for the rolled and tied roast, creating a very moist and tender meat that goes well with all types of side dishes. The leftover meat can be thinly sliced to make sandwiches with a mustard or mayonnaise dressing, lettuce and tomato, and can be served with a dill pickle garnish.

Pork sirloin, cut from the hip and back bone of a hog, is only one of the many possible cuts of pork.
Pork sirloin, cut from the hip and back bone of a hog, is only one of the many possible cuts of pork.

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