What is Polyresin?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

As a workable material for the creation of quite a few items, polyresin is both an affordable and durable solution to many household needs. Here is some background on this material, as well as some examples of how the material is used in the production of many different goods.

Polyresin may be used in the creation of sculptures and figurines.
Polyresin may be used in the creation of sculptures and figurines.

Polyresin one of the forms of resin materials that are especially flexible when heated. This quality makes it the ideal material to use in any instance where molds are used to great goods. Because it dries to a durable material that is virtually unbreakable, there are a number of manufacturers that choose to use this blend of polyester resin material to produce household goods, art objects and serving dishes.

Polyresin may be used to make vases.
Polyresin may be used to make vases.

One particularly popular form of polyresin is known as alabastrite. This is a blend that includes ground stone material in the mix. Alabastrite is an excellent quality choice for sculpting materials, as well as being much less expensive than most of the traditional blocks of natural stones. In fact, it is often used in the creation of decorate figurines, either by using molds or carving the figures from a block of polyresin by hand. This form is also great to use when it comes to creating ceramics, such as holiday ornaments and decorative candleholders.

Polyresin products usually have a sheen that is similar to fiberglass and has the same tolerance for the addition of color into the material. This allows it to be used in creating all sorts of products to fit into any décor. Along with a mixture of color schemes, polyresin also takes painting very well. This means that items can be receive a metallic finish, or metal flakes can actually be incorporated into the mix prior to molding the item.

Around the house, polyresin picture frames as well as clear or tinted protective toppers for tables offer both durability and a shot of color in the room. Vases, candle holders, and candy dishes can all be made from this material these days. Just about any decorating accent or container that once had to be constructed from tempered glass can now be produced with polyresin.

While some materials do not lend themselves well to detail work, polyresin allows the artist to include as much decorate work as necessary to produce an attractive item. From scrollwork on candle sticks to minute details on the faces of figurines, this is an excellent medium that will hold the shape and produce crystal clear results. As such, many people that have long worked with stone materials and even hard wood in their arts and crafts endeavors have switched to this material when capturing a vision in detail is necessary.

In addition to the number of polyresin products on the market, many hobby stores also supply blocks that can be used in carving and other craft projects. As a durable and affordable alternative medium for creating cherished pieces for the home, it is a great option.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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Where can someone purchase polyresin? I have been searching for quite some time and have come up empty.


Could this be used for making homemade ear gauges?


I have a sheep lawn statue that broke its leg. Is there a way to repair it that will keep the two pieces stuck together and sealed?


Acrylic (optically clear) is the best medium for encapsulating things. Polyurethane is the best for pouring on a wooden table to create a tough surface. It will scratch over time and will need polishing. It will also yellow, ergo making it a suitable coating for wood, since you can't really see the yellowing.

The best thing to protect a marble table is hard wax because marble is a porous material and the wax will stay put. Never put resin on marble.

There are many varieties of resin including epoxy, urethane and polyester. All have different properties and can be used in a wide variety of applications.


I found a poly resin coated cookie cutter and want to use it in a craft project. The product info doesn't address the subject and the seller isn't sure. Could this item be used in an oven at 350 degrees for 5 - 10 minutes?


you could dilute the chemical and put in a spray bottle. then put the flowers upside down and spray them lightly. after drying with a lesser diluted solution, spray them again - light coat. oh, during the first spray, you want to arrange any petals in the manner that you want. Make sure they're dry before you move them anywhere.


has anyone ever used Aqua Risen? I want it to look like bronze. Help!


Polyresin is highly durable. I make many creations out of it and have dropped them numerous times, and they have yet to break. But they do become a bit fragile when there's no inside support (like wires or meshing) to make it more resistant to being dropped and the like, especially if it's completely sculpted out by hand and is not a mold re-creation. (Mold re-creations generally stand up to breaking in general unlike its sculpted counterpart, which does require the extra wire/mesh support just to be on the safe side.)

As for the figures, they could have broken for a number of reasons. One, the figures were being man handled either by you or the people you bought it from (I'm not sure if they arrived broken or not).

Two, you received a bad batch of figures for your chess set. If dust, water, or debris of some kind got on the polyresin while the container was open, and had yet to be used, this will cripple the polyresin indefinitely so when the polyresin is finally used the finished piece will be highly breakable. This happened to me once and it broke rather easily on carpet flooring.

Polyresin is generally waterproof after it has dried indefinitely. If you wish to make it more waterproof especially after it was painted on, you can spray a sealant over your polyresin sculpture allowing it to keep its colors rain or shine and it gives the sculpture a nice glossy feel.


i just received a skull cup i bought and from the state of california says that it has been known to cause cancer, birth defects, etc. on the warning slip. is that true about polyresin?


I also want to clarify if the polyresin statues are waterproof. Can anyone give me an answer?


I was under the impression that polyresin was durable. Unfortunately it seems to be somewhat fragile, as I ordered a chess set and two pieces had their hands broken off.


is polyresin waterproof?


Is this a good idea for pet memorials?


Does anyone know if the polyresin can be used for a marble table top to protect from scratching, etc?


I want know more how to produce parts of polyresin

With type casting tools made of what and maskin type?


Does anyone know how to use Polyresin to create and preserve real natural flowers? I would like to learn the process of this so if you have any information on this, please post your response.

Thanks, March


what is the chemical composition of a polyresin?

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