What is Pololu Beach?

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Polulu Beach is located in lovely Hawaii and is known as a “secret beach” because it is a bit off the beaten path. Polulu Beach is located on a lovely stretch of land on the Kohala Coast. This slice of earth is just as dramatic as it is tropical. The vistas that can be seen from the rocky beach are quite stunning. Polulu Beach is a wonderful place for a romantic afternoon or just some quite time with the ocean.

If you decide to visit Polulu Beach, be sure to pack your walking shoes. One must literally take a hike in order to arrive at the beach. Although the hike is rather gentle, it holds off the throngs of beach-goers who are more interested in getting a tan than enjoying a walk in the tropical forest or seeking out a quiet spot.

If you are a fan of hiking, you may enjoy the second trail that meets Polulu Beach. Nature enthusiasts will love the relatively wild and untouched land forest that this trail transverses. This trail takes hikers to another beach in the next valley. It is important to note that this second beach is known for dangerously high waves, so be sure to take good care if you visit it.


One of the most incredible things about Polulu Beach is that the scenery changes with the seasons. In the summer months, for example, it beach is covered in dramatic Hawaiian black sand. In the winter, however, the sand subsided and Polulu Beach gives way to its majestic boulders. By conducting a simple web search, you can find a number of sites that are home to winter and summer photographs of Polulu Beach. The waters along Polulu Beach are not the best for swimming. However, the Polulu Stream at the top of the beach creates a pool in the winter time that is perfect for swimming.

Polulu Beach is located on the biggest of the Hawaiian islands, which is generally known as simply “Big Island.” There are a number of so-called “secret beaches” in Hawaii. There are also a number of beaches that are very easily accessible. Of course, the easier it is to get to the beach, the more people there are likely to be on the sand. If you are looking for a secluded beach with dramatic scenery and nearby hiking trails, then be sure to visit Polulu Beach on your Hawaiian vacation.


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Post 3

Personally, I’m an avid camper. I love going to places where it isn’t difficult to throw up a tent and enjoy nature.

I wonder if this sort of thing is allowed at or near Pololu Beach. Does anyone have any idea?

I'm not adverse to campgrounds either! I'd appreciate any information at all.

Post 2

Although in a totally different part of the world, this article reminds me of a sort of secret beach that I love!

My husband and I enjoy going to Ocracoke, which is a part of the barrier islands of North Carolina. While it, of course, isn’t tropical it is very secluded.

Actually, most of the island is protected, with only a small portion having hotels and the like.

The wildlife is gorgeous, and there are walking trails. Wild ponies wonder around freely.

There are three different public parking lots for beach goers. It seems that most folks choose the first one. So my husband and I literally had as far as we could see in either

direction of beach to ourselves one day when we went to the second parking lot instead.

Anyway, the seclusion of Pololu Beach reminded me of the same seclusion we found there. In this built up world, it is wonderful to find such a paradise!

Post 1

Pololu Beach sounds like a wonderful place to me! I have always been one of those people who prefers to vacation away from the beaten path and much closer to nature.

Luckily, my husband feels the same way. Neither of us really enjoys the hustle and bustle that goes along with many really popular vacation destinations. We would love to take a day and hike out to a ‘secret beach’.

I live near the coast of South Carolina as it is, and so I’m used to the beach. However, our beaches have white sand. I’ve never seen black sand, nor have I ever seen a rocky beach! I think that would be pretty awesome.

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