What is Polihua Beach?

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If you are interested in visiting a quiet, beautiful beach on your next trip to Hawaii, then you may want to consider a trip to Polihua Beach. Polihua Beach is located on the Hawaiian island of Lanai. Because the beach is surrounded by cliffs and can be difficult for some to reach on foot, it is a perfect respite spot for the adventurer looking for some peace and quiet in the tropics. Due to the fact that Polihua Beach is generally unknown and untraveled, it is considered to be a “secret beach.”

Native Hawaiian and tourists can travel to Polihua Beach via mountain bike or four-wheel drive vehicle. However, the last stretch of the path into the beach must be hiked. There are some tropical vegetation, such as Kiawe plants, with rather sharp thorns, so be sure to protect your skin before embarking on this hike. For the adventurers who travel to Polihua Beach, gorgeous vistas await. It is important to note that the strong currents in the water along the beach make it an unsafe place to swim. It is, however, a lovely place to sunbathe and simple relax in the warm Hawaiian sun.


One of the most remarkable things about Polihua Beach is the sand. Although Hawaii is known for many of its lovely black sand beaches, this one stands out from the crowd. The beach is covered in sand the color of snow. The striking beauty of this beach has attracted many photographers, from amateurs with disposable cameras to professionals who must hike in with tripods.

But it is what is in the beautiful white sand that attracts some visitors to Polihua Beach. The beach is, in fact, a natural nesting place for sea turtles. Many people are unaware that sea turtles are not born in the ocean. Instead, mother-to-be sea turtles bury their eggs in the sand. When the hatchlings emerge from their shells, they move as quickly as possible to get into the water. In fact, there are a number of birds of prey that have a taste for baby sea turtles. The migration of baby sea turtles from the sandy nest to the ocean is an incredible site. If you schedule your trip to Polihua Beach at the right time, you might even be able to glimpse this amazing event.


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Post 3

If you visit beautiful polihua beach please be sure to enjoy it from end to end. If by chance you should encounter any nude sun bathers or fishermen,

please don't be offended; it's just a pure natural way to really enjoy the beach! Feel free to join in!

Post 2

Ditto, the sand absolutely is not white (golden) and you can drive all the way to beach w/4WD. Well worth the trip!

Post 1

#1....The sand at polihua is not snow white!

#2....You can drive all the way to the beach, no hiking!

#3....I have never seen nesting turtles in the 34 years i have lived here and fished, camped, swam or just sunbathed at polihua!! I have seen them in the water but far and few between.

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