What is Podiatry Software?

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The kinds of technological tools known as podiatry software are specific applications that help a podiatric specialist, or foot doctor, maintain an efficient local practice or office. Podiatry software can include medical billing software, as well as software programs for podiatry scheduling, compliance with HIPAA and privacy law, or client data handling, as well as other medical programs for diagnostic photography or other IT medical tools. All of the different kinds of software tools used by podiatry doctors help make an office visit easier and more effective for patients.

Today’s medical world is becoming continuously more dependent on computer software. The emergence of electronic medical records is a huge step towards making more of modern medicine a digital or computerized enterprise. Many of these solutions do help to ensure quicker service for patients, fewer medical errors, and better documentation and archiving. Podiatry software fills the needs that a podiatry office has for serving a specialized patient base with specific health conditions.


Medical billing software is extremely important for all kinds of medical offices, including podiatry offices. This kind of medical software tool helps to translate the ICD9 and CPT diagnostic codes related to medical procedures and conditions into helpful explanation of benefit forms that medical providers use to get payment from health insurance companies. With health insurance companies paying so much of the average bill for all kinds of medical office consultations, including podiatry doctor visits, it’s helpful for a podiatry office to have the latest in medical billing software in order to survive in a competitive local environment.

In addition to the above kinds of podiatry software, some experts in medical and health care product marketing include new kinds of consumer IT systems in their definition of podiatry software. Many of us have seen these kinds of consumer-focused podiatry software systems in ads for popular podiatry products, where standing kiosks with software diagnostic systems fill in for doctors and experienced podiatry care providers. It’s likely that some of these kiosks installed in local pharmacies may take over some of the traditional roles of podiatry specialists who consult with patients on a daily basis. This may not make the local podiatry doctors office obsolete, but it does promise to add more flexibility to how individual consumers deal with podiatry conditions, and how they seek medical care for the least severe kinds of podiatry health issues.


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