What is Placenta Shampoo?

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Placenta shampoo is a type of shampoo which can contain either plant or animal products. Manufactures claim that the protein added to the shampoo will make hair shinier, but there is insubstantial evidence for this claim. Placenta shampoo, though it has undergone occasional revivals since the 80s, is popular primarily in Spanish-speaking countries. Some major retail stores have marketed placenta shampoo towards the US Hispanic market.

Many people may get squeamish reading the word "placenta" on a shampoo bottle. Some people wonder if human placenta was used in the making of the shampoo. It's actually sheep placenta that is used in some brands of shampoo—it is generally believed that the protein from placentas may help coat the hair and make it appear shinier, which some think also occurs when a woman is pregnant. La Bella is one major manufacturer of shampoos containing placenta.


Other types of placenta shampoo contain extracts from vegetables. A plant's placenta is located under the pistil and provides the nutrients from which the fruit develops. Other times, the language on product labels is unclear, and it seems that a plant's "placenta" is any kind of plant essence which will help the hair appear thicker and shinier. There is little proof that either animal- or plant-based placenta shampoos actually help the hair any more than any other product which is meant to add shine to hair, such as oil. Beauty experts who have looked into the chemistry behind many cosmetics state that while placenta shampoo may help, there are many other products that can have the same effect.

The use of placentas in cosmetics dates back to the 1940s, when it became a common additive in the then-unregulated cosmetics industry. It was used as an additive claiming to cure everything from wrinkles to bad hair. Post-regulation has manufacturers limiting the claims to include only that the products can add protein to the hair.

There has been some concern that placenta-based shampoos can cause cancer. This theory, however, has since been disproved. Others are concerned about the overall "cleanliness" of putting the essence of an animal's placenta on hair. The sheep's placenta in commercially manufactured shampoo, however, must undergo a rigorous sterilization process before it can be put into any product.


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Post 5

Placenta is very good for brittle and over processed porous hair. Any shampoo or conditioner works better repairing because of the proteins that nourish the hair.

Post 4

"Don't judge the book by its cover". Placenta can help your skin by stopping wrinkles, placenta in shampoo can help to gain healthy hair and scalp.

I don't use any shampoos, but I use real animal protein like whole eggs on my hair and the result is stunning. I also started eating animal proteins and see my health, teeth, bone, skin, everything improved. You just can't deny the animal protein.

Animal protein is the real human diet, not vegetables. I transformed myself from vegan to a protein dieter. There's no lie on it. Doctors don't tell people the truth, so they can get your money. You will not find any vegetarian after certain age that they have unwrinkled skin. You also not going to find any basketball player or olympic athletes who are strictly vegan or vegetarian. This placenta makes so much sense that definitely works for human hair.

Post 3

@closerfan12 -- Placenta compositum is actually an extract that you can use to improve your circulation -- you don't use it for your hair.

Although if you are interested in placenta hair products, I've used Queen Helene Placenta Shampoo before with great results.

It's really great if you've dyed or stripped your hair a lot, because it's so gentle and renewing to your hair. I'd definitely recommend it.

Or if placenta freaks you out, then get a keratin treatment -- that can do somewhat the same thing.

Post 2

I've always been curious about using placenta products. I recently read about a cream called placenta silueta -- is that any good? And what is a "placenta compositum"? Is that just placenta plus shampoo, or what?

Post 1

This sounds absolutely horrifying. Why would you want to put placenta in your hair? Have you seen what a placenta looks like?

I think everyone who wants to use one of those shampoos with placenta should have to google a picture of a placenta first.

That will definitely put you off -- those things are gross!

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